About Us

What is Washburn County Tourism Association?

Washburn County Tourism Association is a 501(c)6, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting tourism in the Washburn County area. The organization is comprised of individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in working to promote and improve tourism in Washburn County. An outstanding board of directors oversees the operation of the organization and empowers the WashCo tourism team to “do what they do” and promote Washburn County as the amazing destination that it is. 

Visitor Center & Visitor Experience Representatives

The WashCo Tourism Team operates a full-service visitor center for Washburn County’s travelers at 122 N. River Street in Spooner. The Visitor Experience Representatives are well-trained to promote our area businesses and events. Acting as a welcoming committee for visitors is our specialty. Our goal is for everyone who walks through the visitor center to fall in love with Washburn County! The visitor center offers a variety of business information, maps, trail information, and regional publications in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Be sure to check out the Visit WashCo Mural, the giant Wisconsin photo opp and the Tribute to the Lakes display at the Visitor Center!

So...what do we do and how does it help your business?

The WashCo Tourism Team executes a dynamic marketing plan to promote the entire Washburn County area in the midwest market. Our team operates the official Washburn County Tourism website and produces the Official Washburn County Visitor & Activity Guide, Highway Map and Trail/Outdoor Guide, and many other local brochures. The team manages the Washburn County, WI social media platforms, the WashCo Compass Blog and E-newsletter, coordinates the county events calendar, and much more. Everything that the tourism team does is meant to draw visitors to our area, fulfilling our vision of positioning Washburn County, WI as the premier Northwoods destination to visit, live and work.  

Here are a few of the things we do (feel free to ask us about any that interest you!):

  • Official Washburn County Visitor & Activity Guide and Highway Map Publications
  • Coordination of Washburn County, WI Social Media Channels
  • WashburnCounty.org - Over 260,000 page views per year!
  • Calendar of Events Coordination
  • Weekly Event & Activity Posters
  • Lodging Leads Report
  • TravelWisconsin.com Business Database Management

Meet the Staff & Board of Directors. 

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a member, check out the Join Us page.