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Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin was born and raised in Washburn County and grew up exploring the area with her family. This avid snowmobiler, kayaker, and outdoor adventurer raises her two kiddos with her husband on a corner of his family’s farm.

Made in WashCo: Mayana Chocolate

You don’t need to plan an extravagant vacation to visit Belgium if you are looking for gourmet, melt-in-your-mouth, luxury chocolates. All you need to do is take a wander into a few of our local stores before you notice a trend. What are these beautiful boxes of chocolates and why do so many local…

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Explore Local: Parks

Summer seems to come and go so quickly - be sure you’re making the most of your summer in Washburn County! One of my all time favorite summer activities is a picnic lunch. With well over twenty parks in our county, you can find a perfect spot in any of our communities. Whether you want a quiet spot…

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Explore Local - Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary

If you’ve lived in Washburn County for any length of time, you’ve probably at least heard of Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary. For those of you who haven’t spent much time at Hunt Hill, it’s about time for you to head out and do some exploring! While you won’t catch their normal educational programs out…

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WashCo Spotlight: Shell Lake Arts Center Camps

Did you know that Shell Lake, Wisconsin is home to the longest continuous running jazz camp in the nation?! Did you also know that your middle or high school student can take part in jazz camp, concert band camp, show choir camp or any number of the 16 youth camps that are offered there? So, what is…

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