Attractions in Washburn County come in all types whether it be a local park, museum, trail...whatever your definition is, they’re sure to provide loads of fun! With so many options of fun things to do and experience it only seemed fitting to have a category in the Best of WashCo to find out what some of the favorites are! 

Kicking off the top three for the Best of WashCo: Top Attraction is a seasonal favorite, The Burch Barn. Many have enjoyed the fall fun on the farm and continue to enjoy it each year. I, as an adult, even enjoy the fun fall activities that The Burch Barn offers! From the classic corn maze, which gets a fun new design each year, to the 100 foot gunny sack slide, there are hours of fun to be had. Not to mention, each season The Burch Barn has fun, new activities for all to do so it only makes sense to go time and time again. They even offer delicious homemade treats and lunch options to feed your hangry kiddos who have played the day away. 

Walking in a corn field

Next on the list is the Washburn County ATV Trails, which happens to be the winner of another category, Best of WashCo: Favorite Trail. The ATV Trails offer over 100 miles of riding through the beauty of the northwoods. Be sure to take an ATV Scenic Tour brochure with you on your adventure. This fun guide will point out 40 points of interest along the trails from a “hidden” tunnel that you probably never knew you rode over to homesteads that have been around for many, many years; and a little bit of everything else! Don’t have an ATV? That’s okay! There are rental options in Washburn County to get you out on the trails. 


And the winner for Top Attraction in 2021 is the Namekagon River. During the warm summer days, this National Park is the perfect place to cool off. Whether you’re canoeing, kayaking, or tubing, a float down the river is perfect for everyone (yes, everyone!) to enjoy. And, for the extra adventurous type there are over 30 boat-in campsites nestled on the river’s edge for you to spend a night under the stars and sitting around the campfire. One of the outfitters in Washburn County will help get you on the water to enjoy the Namekagon River: Wisconsin’s Moving National Park. 


While this is just the shortlist of attractions in Washburn County, there is more fun to be found by checking out our Family Fun page or reading about more attractions!