This is Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, we celebrate Friday nights by frying up some of the most delicious fish you can find. With nearly 1,000 lakes in Washburn County, it’s no wonder that some of our favorite fish fries are made right at home, but let’s take a second to talk about where we go on Friday nights when the last thing we want to do is cook our own food. Admit it; we all have nights like that! We asked you where you can find the best fish fry in the Washburn County area and you had some great answers for us! Here are some of your favorite fish fries:


Hub’s Riverbend, Trego: Ah, yes, Theresa’s menu is enough to make your mouth water and the fish fry is no exception. Riverbend serves up a two or three piece fried perch with a choice of potato. We highly recommend the hand cut chips, but the homemade fries are pretty awesome as well.


Club Northern, Minong: Located in the heart of Minong, TR Club Northern has long been a local favorite. When asked why Club Northern was her favorite, Stefanie N. stated, “They have large pieces of fish and they aren’t at all greasy which is awesome. The batter doesn’t overwhelm the fish since it’s a lighter batter.” She also mentioned that they have some rotating specials on Saturday nights that are a must try.


Riverstreet Family Restaurant, Spooner: Downtown Spooner not only offers great shopping, but also great restaurant options. Riverstreet offers great family dining and a wonderful fish fry. Why should you try it? One word. Dessert. Yes, dessert comes with it along with potato, coleslaw, and a roll. Everyone says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we’re pretty sure that the way to anyone’s heart is free dessert.


Pine Ridge, Stone Lake: If you’ve never made it to Pine Ridge on a Friday night, you’re in for a treat! The fish fry is served family style with baked or fried fish and chicken. Another unique aspect of their fish fry is the delicious fry bread that it’s served with! A few side notes, be sure to get there early as wait times on Friday can last a couple of hours. In addition, the main menu is not available on Friday to keep things running efficiently.


Circle Pines, Wascott: Located on beautiful Crystal Lake, just north of the Minong Flowage, Circle Pines received many votes for favorite fish fry. After doing a little research, we learned that they serve a full fillet of cod. It also comes with wedges or fries, coleslaw and a breadstick. Clearly a must-try according to the 61 five-star reviews on Facebook, you might just want to give their fish fry a try soon.

For a full list of restaurants offering fish fry in the area, visit our Fish Fry Guide page.

Side Note: Due to many of our communities being split between counties, you will commonly see us reach over our county lines in our articles where appropriate. We believe in being good neighbors. We love our Stone Lake and Wascott friends who received mentions in our Facebook poll.