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Explore Local: Youth Scavenger Hunt

It’s so fun to be a kid in Washburn County! Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, snapping selfies at the Giant Bluegill or taking a hike on the Totogatic Trail, there are tons of great ways to explore. There’s even more incentive to get out and explore the area if you grab a copy of the Youth…

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5 Perks of Family Cabins in Washburn County

There’s no place like the cabin. As cliché as it is, all cabin-goers know it. For me, it’s a place to escape from the city, be in nature, slow down, and enjoy quality family time without the everyday distractions. I got lucky and married into an old family cabin on Long Lake. I’ve been coming here…

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Behind the Scenes - The Potter's Shed

From a small clay studio set up in a church to The Potter’s Shed that we know and love today, there’s an incredible story behind the music, art, gorgeous garden, and even the fairy doors that make up this well known attraction. Affectionately referred to by their local patrons as simply “The Shed”…

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