02/05/2021 Winter Camping Rendezvous


Winter Camping Rendezvous

Friday, February 5th | Saturday, February 6th | Sunday, February 7th

Sawmill Park | N3400 Sawmill Park Ln | Birchwood, WI 54817

For information: Rhonda Reynolds, (715) 416-2837 or Jim Bishop (715) 416-3375

A low-key, laid back weekend of winter camping in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Fantastic hiking and snowshoeing right out your tent door, and XC ski trails nearby. Ice fishing on the beautiful lakes surrounding the park. We'll have a chili dump Saturday night, a tent tour, and lots of conversation. Participate as much as you choose, or make your own fun!
“This event shows that with the right gear and attitude camping in the winter can be enjoyable,” said Rhonda Reynolds, event organizer, many of our attendees consider winter the best season for camping.  There are no crowded campgrounds, bugs or bears.”
Past years have seen up to 30 people put up tents in the campground.  Each campsite must pay the $10.00 per night fee along with a small donation for road plowing.  Campers are asked to bring a shovel to clear out their site off the entry road and enough firewood for their stay.
Visit us on Facebook at “Winter Camping Rendezvous”
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