06/10/2019 4:00 p.m. *Kids in the Garden


Kids in the Garden:

Planting Our Garden and Construction of a Bug Condo

Monday, June 10th | 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Spooner Ag Research Station Teaching & Display Garden | N5264 Orchard Lane | Spooner, WI 54801


We will planting our seeds and plants and making labels for our spaces. We plan a story hour and plenty of time to learn about the seeds and the plants we planted. We will explore who our bug guest might be in our Bug Condo. Hummingbird feeders will be filled and put up and then we can watch hummingbirds all summer.

For each class there wil be a hands on learning exprience, a story about the gardening topic, and a snack & beverage. This event is for children ages 5-14 years old. A parent is required to stay with children under 10 years of age.


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