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How to Get Here

Washburn County is located in beautiful Northwest Wisconsin. How might you get here - plane, train, automobile? Well, with four major highways passing right through the area, we would say autmobile wuld be the easiest! Those major highways include Highways 53, 63, 70 and 77. While we think that Washburn County is a premier destination for your vacation; we know that on every road trip you need some sort of break whether it's for a quick adventure, to grab a bite to eat, or a rest for the evening. And, how convenient is it that Washburn County is located halfway between Duluth/Superior & Eau Claire, WI?! And don't worry - automobile isn't the only way to get here. Check out below to read more information regarding the Shell Lake Municipal Airport. 

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Shell Lake Municipal Airport | 501 1st Ave. | Shell Lake, WI 54871
Airport Manager- Gerry Winch 715-296-3638 | Shell Lake City Hall 715-468-7679

The Shell Lake Municipal Airport is located along the shore of beautiful Shell Lake. The paved runway is 3,700 feet long by 75 feet wide. The paved main ramp is spacious enough for aircrafts of Jet size, and a small grassy parking area for lighter aircraft is located at the NW end of the airport which allows convenient walk-in access to several Shell Lake restaurants.

The terminal is heated and has a restroom available. There is also a courtesy care available for use upon arrival. Be sure to contact the airport manager or Shell Lake City Hall for arrangements. 


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