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Fat Bike Trails

Washburn County offers two great trails for winter riding. If you haven't tried out a fat bike yet, rentals are available at Saw This in Spooner. Spooner City Park consists of 4-5 miles of riding right within the city limits. Wildcat Mountain Bike trail offers nearly 11 miles of groomed trails with a variety of loops to choose from. Parking is available at both locations and there are great winter accommodations in the area if you want to plan your fat bike vacation. Always be sure to plan ahead by wearing appropriate clothing and be sure to obtain a trail map prior to heading out on the trail. Have fun!


Wild Cat Winter Fat Bike Trail
Type: Fat Bike
Location: 4 miles east of Spooner, on Hwy 70
Length: 11 miles of groomed fat bike trail
Trail Description: A combination of single track and double track provide for a wide variety of riding skills and experiences. The trail utilizes thousands of acres of Washburn County forest land, thanks to Washburn County Forestry Department's support of biking in the area. The trail is groomed by Wildcat Groomers and is maintained by the Wild Cat Mountain Bike Club. The majestic land the trail winds through, features mature oak, basswood, and maple stands. In addition there are sections that take you through hundreds of poplar trees that remind you of Colorado Aspen. The many acres are also dotted with glacial lakes that offer pristine viewing. You will not find any permanent building structures here as all of this land is protected-it is basically the same land, “virgin soil”, one would have found two hundred years ago. When exploring Wildcat, you will find trails that are mowed, brushed, and marked and maintained by volunteers & local trail users, that will lead you through the many miles of wilderness. Trail users will also encounter winding climbs and descents, long gravel sections and tight single track. An abundance of wildlife can be seen on most visits to the trail system.

Trail Map


Spooner City Park (College Street Park) Trail
Type: Fat bike
Location: Spooner
Length: 4 miles
Trail Description: Info to come.

Trail Map


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