Friday Fish Fry, Washburn County

Fish Fry Guide

Wisconsin is known for its traditional Friday Night Fish Fry. In Washburn County, there are nearly 40 restaurants that offer a variety of fish fry options. Whether you are looking for a Friday Night all-you-can-eat or a plate of fish dinner, you are sure to find a fish fry that is just what you are looking for. Since there are so many fish fries in the area, you might need to make a tour out of it!   

Featured Business:

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Featured Business:

Birchwood Area:

Bear Tracks Bar & Grill 715-354-7888 - Fish & Chicken Buffet with Soup & Salad Bar

Birchwood Cafe 715-354-3000 - Create a single item or mixed basket with Fried Cod on a Hoagie, 1 or 3 piece Fried Cod, Shrimp or Clam Strips with French Fries & Cole Slaw
View Menu: Birchwood Cafe

Ed's Pit Stop - Fish Fry 

Ed's Pit Stop 715-354-7991 - Daily Fish Fry with Two Sides & Dinner Roll

Paul's Pizza Den 715-354-7058 - Fried Haddock with French Fries and Salad

Spider Lake Saloon 715-354-3723 - Fried Haddock (All You Can Eat Available) with Cole Slaw & choice of one Side

Long Lake Area:

Butternut Hills Golf Course 715-635-8563 - Grilled Sundried Tomato Haddock, Broiled Lemon Pepper Haddock, or Deep Fried Haddock with Sides

Lincolnwood Resort 715-354-3533 - Fried Cod with French Fries & Cole Slaw

The Landing on Long Lake 715-354-2045 - A pound of Walleye with your choice of a side; or enjoy Perch Tacos or a Perch Sandwich available anytime you stop in.

The Roost 715-635-8921- All You Can Eat Cod with Personal Appetizer, Soup or Salad and choice of Side

 Minong Area:

Club Northern 715-466-5500 - 2/4 piece or All You Can Eat Fried Options of Fried or Broiled Pollack with Cole Slaw, choice of Potato or Onion Rings & Garlic Bread

Gruzy's Italian Beef House 715-466-4301 - 3 piece or All You Can Eat Fried Cod with choice of Potato, Roll & Cole Slaw

Longbranch Smokehouse & Grille 715-466-2311 - Fried & Broiled Haddock with choice of Potato, Soup & Salad Bar

Wendy's Place 715-466-4334 -2 or 4 Piece Hand Breaded Cod with choice of Potato, Dinner Roll, and Soup, Salad or Cole Slaw

Shell Lake Area:

715 Food & Spirits 715-468-1584 - Icelandic Cod served with fries or baked potato, coleslaw, and homemade tartar sauce.

Getaway Bar & Grill 715-469-3273 - All You Can Eat Fried or Grilled Pollack with Fries and Cole Slaw

Lakeview Bar & Grill 715-731-0080 - Fried & Broiled Cod with Potato, Cole Slaw & Roll

Shell Lake Lunchbox 715-468-7427 - Fried or Grilled All You Can Eat Pollack with choice of Potato and choice of Salad, Cottage Cheese or Cole Slaw

Stone Lake Area:

Beechmoor Lounge 715-865-2482 - All You Can Eat Fish & Chicken. Includes: Baked Potato or French Fries, Cole Slaw & Roll. 

Marie's Hideaway 715-865-5082 - All You Can Eat Fried & Baked Cod with choice of Potato, Soup, Roll & Cole Slaw

Summit Lake Game Farm Grille 715-354-7241 - Every Friday night, enjoy the traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry on the outdoor patio in the beautiful weather! 

Spooner Area:

Nick's Family Restaurant 715-635-3129 - All You Can Eat Buffet Featuring Fried Haddock, Shrimp, Potato, Cole Slaw & Rolls

Pine Brook Farm Fish Fry

Pine Brook Farm 715-635-4511 - Pan Fried Canadian Walleye with choice of 2 Sides. Seasonally: Outdoor Fish Fry with Pan Fried Canadian Lake Perch & choice of 2 Sides

River Street 715-635-2222 - Fried or Broiled Cod with Potato, Soup, Cole Slaw or Salad, Roll & Desert. All You Can Eat or Single Plate Option

Round Man Brewing Co. Fish Fry

Round Man Brewing Co. 715-939-1800 - Every Friday - All Day! Canadian Walleye battered and fried to perfection. Served with coleslaw, signature house-made tartar, and your choice of smashed Yukon Golds or crispy RMB french fries.

Schmitz's Economart Deli 715-635-7700 - Fried Pollack or Baked Cod with choice of Potato, Veggie & Roll or Fish Sandwich with Soup or Cole Slaw

Spooner Family Restaurant 715-635-3565 - All You Can Eat Baked or Fried Haddock, Walleye or Cod with Soup or Salad and choice of Vegetable

Tony's Riverside 715-635-8636 - Fried or Baked Haddock with choice of Potato, Cole Slaw & Roll

Track's Restaurant & Bar 715-635-3399 - Fried or Broiled All You Can Eat Cod with choice of Potato and Soup & Salad Bar

Trego Area:

Hub's Riverbend 715-939-1250 - 2 Piece Fried Perch or 3 Piece Fried or Broiled Cod with choice of Potato, Bread Stick & Cole Slaw

Fish Fry at Heartwood Resort, Washburn County

Pine Lodge at Heartwood 800-577-4848 - Fried or Baked Haddock with 2 sides from our list of ten choices

Prime Bar & Family Dining 715-635-3259 - Beer Battered or Baked Cod with Potato, Cole Slaw & Roll 

Springbrook/Hayward Area:

Camp Namekagon Fish Fry

Camp Namekagon 715-766-2277 - Fried or Baked Haddock with Baked Potato, Cornbread Muffin & Cole Slaw

Wolf Point 715-466-4582 - 3 Piece fish dinner served with french fries & Cole Slaw

Surrounding Area:

 Chipmunk Bar & Grill Wascott | 715-466-4095 - 3 Piece Fried Cod with Cole Slaw & French Fries

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