The Best of WashCo: Best Bites

The Best of WashCo: Best Bites

Kaitlin Hanson, Washburn County Staff Writer

Break out the stretchy pants and get ready to eat! This time we are diving into the Best Bites category in the Best of WashCo. There is no doubt that you could eat your way through this whole county and find new favorites at each stop you make. But, let’s make this a little easier for you! 

Where should we start? Well, let’s start with the winner of course… The Laughing Goat Food Truck. This yummy little hot spot is tucked between Klopp’s 5th Ave Bar & Al’s Market right on Shell Lake’s main street. The menu offers wings, burgers and appetizers, but their specials change daily! Everything is made to order so you know your meal is going to be as fresh as it gets. My personal favorite special is the pulled pork with mac n’ cheese..just trust me & try it! The specials being offered are always posted to their Facebook page so you can check out what is being offered aside from the full menu. 

Next stop, Round Man Brewing Co. in downtown Spooner! Their full menu is unique, but oh so yummy. Everything, right down to the side salad has its own unique twist to it & leaves you wanting more. Don’t forget to try a craft brew or specialty cocktail while you’re there too. I can’t even pick a favorite because everything I have tried off the menu has been divine & I have too many favorites. When you try it out for yourself, I think you might run into the same thing..too many good choices to just pick one favorite! 

Let’s round off this eating frenzy with a long time favorite place in Stone Lake, Marie’s Hideaway. You will find some of the greatest Italian cuisine with portions so large you will walk out stuffed & still have a box full of leftovers to enjoy! Not to mention, there is a burger menu a mile long, well maybe not a mile, but it has 22 different options, so there’s quite a few to pick from. They are all just as equally delicious and ever so different. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Us too. If you want more ways to enjoy dining options around Washburn County, be sure to check out the Sip & Savor Itinerary!

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