Blog: Best of WashCo: The Shopping Bag


The Shopping Bag 2020 - Indigo the Label


Kaitlin Hanson, Washburn County Staff Writer


If you are anything like me, it’s getting to be that time in the winter season where you are searching for ways to beat the winter blues. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to get outside on the amazing trails in Washburn County, but I’m missing the lazy Saturdays of shopping at the local farmers’ market and wandering through the authentic downtowns. Wait, why do we need to wait until summer? We don’t! So, let’s not! Check out this month’s featured Best of WashCo blog, The Shopping Bag.

Congrats to the winner of this category, Indigo the Label! Indigo is a quaint boutique in Shell Lake’s downtown area. The owner, Grace, has put her heart and soul into creating this eclectic, bohemian style boutique that fits in well with the beach vibe Shell Lake puts out, especially in those summer months. You will find a variety of things in there such as tees, sweaters, pants, skirts, shorts, jewelry, accessories, candles, and I think that about covers it.. You should probably just check it out for yourself in case I missed something. Everything is constantly rotating so each time you stop in, to ya know, “beat the winter blues” (or “kill time on a rainy summer day”) you will find something different. 

The other two hot spots for filling your shopping bag are located in Spooner’s downtown and their store fronts happen to be almost side by side, so if you visit one you might as well visit the other - First & Vine and Spooner Mercantile

First & Vine is a cute little shop that originally started in the owners home, where she made adorable signs. The store kept expanding until it made more sense to have a storefront in Spooner’s beautiful downtown. The shop now carries a variety of clothing, decorative home decor, candles, and the signs that once gave First & Vine its start. Be sure to check out her beautiful ceilings - I know, that sounds a little odd. But, First & Vine is one of the 17 stops on Spooner’s Tin Ceiling Tour. 

Lastly, the Spooner Mercantile which has been located in Spooner’s downtown since 1915 offers great quality clothing and shoes with a wide variety to pick from. Owned by the Benson family, they have been offering exceptional customer service for years. In addition to their brand name merchandise, they offer tux rentals and they’ll even hem your pants while you wait. Now that’s great service!

The shopping doesn’t end at these great stores - there are plenty of antique shops, art galleries, boutiques and a little bit of everything else! Visit the shopping page to check out some of the other great stores in the area.