The Best of WashCo: Sunset Views

Best of WashCo: Best Sunset View

Kaitlin Hanson, Washburn County Staff Writer

Y’all sunsets are one of my favorite things...ever! And, I might be a little biased but I think Washburn County has some of the best spots to view sunsets. There are so many nights my little and I hop in the car and drive to look at “the pretty sky and cotton candy clouds”, as she would call them. I have no shame in the amount of sunset photos I have taken on my phone (and will continue to take). So, needless to say this might be one of my favorite Best of WashCo categories - they’re all good, but I am such a sucker for sunsets! 

So let’s kick things off with the winning sunset view spot: Dock Sitting. Picture this... peaceful, glassy water surrounding the dock with all the vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellow and of course, cotton candy clouds, reflecting off the water like a mirror. It seems to last forever, but no perfect sunset ever lasts long enough - that’s why photos are practically required. I am so excited to see docks slowly going in the lakes because that can only mean one thing, it’s time for dock sitting season. 

Next on the list for the best sunset view is Lakeview Bar & Grill located near the shores of beautiful Shell Lake. Sitting on their patio with your favorite dinner or sipping their famous Brew House Bloody (it’s literally a meal in a glass - check out the Bloody Mary Blog to see what I am talking about) while watching the sun go down makes for such a picture perfect evening. Soon enough we will be able to go out to eat and enjoy their patio again. Luckily the weather has not been so great so I am not missing it too bad, but let me tell you, once these warmer summer days hit I will be so anxious to sit out there after a long day at the beach. I can almost feel the breeze rolling off the lake now.  

And last but certainly not least, Veteran’s Park. This gorgeous tribute to our veterans along the Yellow River has a pier that makes for a perfect spot to sit and take in the beauty of the evening. The pier seems to be a favorite spot for fishing so I'm guessing it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your pole and cast a line while you're there. I also love wandering a little ways down the walking path towards the Governor Tommy Thompson State Fish Hatchery and watch the sun go down at the dam. It’s not a waterfall but in a toddler’s eyes it most definitely is a waterfall so that makes it even better yet. 

Aireal View of Governor Thommy Thompson State Fish Hatchery & Veteran's Park
Photo: Kyle Tyree

I just can’t get enough of sunset watching, no matter where it might be. And just remember, the sun will continue to set here in Washburn County so when it’s time to visit us again, you will be able to see what I am raving over. Until then I will keep taking pictures & try not to overshare on social media. Be sure to share your beautiful sunset photos when the time comes whether they are from the dock or out your front window, I love them all - especially #WashburnCounty ones!

About the Author: Kaitlin is life long Washburn County resident and has loved it. Now she raises her little one to enjoy all things Washburn County has to offer just as she did when she was a tyke!