Ainsley's Blog: The Burch Barn

Burch Barn, Spooner, Washburn County

 September 9, 2017

Today I went to the Burch Barn in Spooner!  The first thing we did was buy tokens to the “Grain Train” and then went into the fun areas!  The first thing I did was went straight to the barn bouncy house.  It was good.  Then I tried to milk a pretend cow.  It had water in it.  Then I did bouncy horse races.  It was good.  After that, we walked to where the grain train used to be and this year there were goats and pigs there instead!  There was a goat eating grass when I watched it.   After that, I played in a little playhouse.  It was cool because there was something I could climb up in, kind of like an attic and there was even two chairs up there.  Then I heard the grain train coming so I ran to the gate to get into line.  When the tractor came, I chose the cart in the very back to ride in.  There was a scavenger hunt along the ride and I got to see a cheese head, ducks, an owl and some other things.  I got to see big pumpkins in the pumpkin patch too!  I really think you should go on the grain train when you go.  When the ride was done I went over to the pigs and I got to pet them.  When I petted them, they snorted and it was cute.  They had hand sanitizer there so I could wash the germs off of my hands.  After the pigs, I climbed on a stack of big tractor tires filled with sand and then I went down the really long gunny sack slide.  It was really fast and I went down it 6 or 8 times.  There was a huge corn pit where kids could play in a lot of corn.  I liked falling backwards in it and tried to make snow angels in the corn.  There was also a slide to go down into it.  The corn felt good on my feet and hands.  They also had pedal tractors and a track to drive them around on.  I really liked climbing on the large spider web too.  It was cool because it was kind of like a huge hammock that you could lie in or climb on.  There were so many cool activities to do there!  I think I did everything they had to do, except for the corn maze.  I’m going to have to go back later this year to try the maze.  We got lost in it last year, but this year they let us take a picture of the map in case we needed to use it, so I’m pretty excited to try it out!  Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that I jumped in the large pumpkin bouncy house too!  There was a lot of space to go around in it.

After the Burch Barn we stopped for ice cream at the Dock!  I had a scoop of chocolate. 

I think everyone would enjoy the Burch Barn and maybe I’ll see you there sometime when I go back to do the maze. 


 About the writer: Ainsley is a curious and happy 5 year old.  She loves what Washburn County has to offer her creative and growing mind.  She also loves the different recreational and outdoor activities that can be done in the area because, "exercise makes you healthy!"