Ainsley's Blog: Fairy Tour

July 17, 2017

Today we went on a fairy tour in Spooner.   We walked around the town and found the fairy doors.  We could see what was in them.  One of them had earrings and they were so cute and beautiful.  One of the fairies helps the other fairies find their missing glasses.  One of the doors I could see through the window, and that was fun.  My dad told me that the fairies use magic to get into their doors.  My dad read me the stories of some of the fairies and their names.  Some of the fairy names were kind of funny.  There are real fairies around here, but I didn’t see any of them, but I saw their doors. One of the doors was cracked open.  Wouldn’t it be funny if they had a key and could drive a car?  You should know that you can’t see the fairies.  Some of the doors were hard to find, so you have to look closely.  Have fun if you go!

Half way through the tour we stopped at the Dock for ice cream.  I had the blue raspberry Italian Ice in a cone.  It was yummy, and bright blue.  It wasn’t blue moon, but it was very dark. 

It was a very hot day today, but it was a good day.  Today was the best day ever, doing the tour.  We stopped at the tourism place first, to get a map of the fairy tour, and you should too!




About the writer: Ainsley is a curious and happy 5 year old.  She loves what Washburn County has to offer her creative and growing mind.  She also loves the different recreational and outdoor activities that can be done in the area because, "exercise makes you healthy!"