Ainsley's Blog: Namekagon River

Namekagon River in Washburn County, Wisconsin


August 30, 2017

I’m really excited to tell you about my first canoeing trip!  We went canoeing and camping on the Namekagon River.  I was really excited to sleep in a tent.  After packing our stuff we drove to the river and we dropped a car off to where we were going to end our trip.  Then we drove to the beginning of our trip on the river.  We used a canoe and loaded up in it.  I really enjoyed riding in the canoe.  I sat in the middle of the canoe.  While we were canoeing we saw a lot of people swimming with tubes on the river.  Many of them were connected to each other.  We saw some other people camping along the river.  On the river, I got hungry watching daddy fish, so I had a chocolate chip granola bar.  I really missed my cat Tootsie, but she probably enjoyed the quiet house.  She also had two fish to keep her company.  When we got close to our campsite, daddy caught a fish.  Then we saw the sign for the campsite and decided to camp there.  The campsite was pretty cool.  There was a lot of trees. The people that were there before us left lots of garbage.  We picked it up and there was lots of plastic but we didn’t throw it in the fire because mom did not want it in the fire.  We set up our tents and then I really wanted to go swimming, so I did.  There were steps at the campsite and daddy slipped down them once.  After swimming, my dad teached me how to use a canoe paddle and I paddled all by myself with dad in the back of the canoe.  At night, we had a campfire and cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallows to make smores.  We also made popcorn over the fire. I slept well in the tent and it was really comfortable. I also liked waking up in the nice breeze because it was good.  After breakfast, we packed up our stuff and canoed to the car. I want to do this trip again and hope we can stay at that same campsite if it’s empty next time! The river is really clean and I think everyone else should try it out too.

 Namekagon River Blog


About the writer: Ainsley is a curious and happy 5 year old.  She loves what Washburn County has to offer her creative and growing mind.  She also loves the different recreational and outdoor activities that can be done in the area because, "exercise makes you healthy!" 

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