Ainsley's Blog: Relay for Life

Ainsley-Relay for Life


August 1, 2017

On July 21st I went to the Relay for Life Event in Shell Lake.  It was a superhero theme and I dressed like a superhero.  I had my picture taken next to Spiderman.  I got to help put the paper bags with candles in them around the sidewalk and on the dock.  The bags were to remember people who died from cancer.  It made me feel good to be able to help.  When it started to get dark, they lit the candles in the bags to remember the people….and others could walk through the bags so they could look at them.  I don’t really know how it made people feel when they walked through them.  I helped make a bag for my dad’s uncle Leigh.  It was a little sad to see his bag lit.  But I kept checking the bags after we put them out to make sure the candles didn’t tip over because I didn’t want the bags to burn up when they were lit because I wanted everyone to see the bags that they made lit up nicely. 

That night, I also got a balloon.  There was some really good food there too!  I had homemade chex mix and a pork sandwich with a pickle.  There was also music.  I really liked the song, Happy.  It’s my jam.  I also got two ice cream certificates.  One for Matt’s Ice Cream Trailer and one for the Scoop n Brew.  I am excited to use them for goodies!  I was also excited to win a t-shirt for best superhero costume.  Earlier in the evening I rode in a huge pontoon on the lake.  I rode in the front, and you could stand up whenever you like. 

I’m really excited to go to it next year because I want to help people and have fun at the same time!  I’m hoping the theme next year is monsters.  I hope that more people go next year and have fun like I did and help a good cause.   This was the best night ever, even better than swimming! 


 About the writer: Ainsley is a curious and happy 5 year old.  She loves what Washburn County has to offer her creative and growing mind.  She also loves the different recreational and outdoor activities that can be done in the area because, "exercise makes you healthy!"