Ainsley's Blog: WI Muskies

 October 4, 2017

Saturday night I went to a hockey game in Spooner.  I went to see the Wisconsin Muskies play their first game in Spooner.  When my dad told me we were going that day, I got really excited!  I wanted to make a sign to use to cheer for the Muskies.  I tried to draw a picture of a musky.  Before leaving, I tried to dress warm for the game, but this was my first hockey game so I didn’t know how cold it would be.  When we got there, we got food.  I got a blue slushy and popcorn.  Then I got a Wisconsin Muskie hat and went into the rink and finded a seat.  Then we waited until they started playing.  Then they kept playing.  I liked watching the man clean the ice off so they could play the game.  There were a lot of people there and there was a lot of noises.  It was pretty cold there, so we went and got a hot cocoa to keep warm.  It was hot at first, so I waited a few minutes until it cooled down a bit.  Then we watched some of the game.  It was really nice to see the game.  I really liked watching the Muskies score.  I liked when the other team would crash into the glass because that wasn’t the team we were cheering for.  The seats were pretty cold, so next time I’m going to bring two blankets, one to sit on and one to cover up with.  I’m excited to go watch them again!  When you go, make sure you don’t cheer for the other team. Cheer for the Muskies!


 About the writer: Ainsley is a curious and happy 5 year old.  She loves what Washburn County has to offer her creative and growing mind.  She also loves the different recreational and outdoor activities that can be done in the area because, "exercise makes you healthy!"