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In 1907 the Village of Earl in Washburn County received the appointment of a Postmaster and the mail was delivered on a twenty-eight (28) mile route by horseback. Earl was known as Sinclair Spur with an old tote road running to Superior Junction (now Trego). Settlers often said that the “Tote Road” was so crooked that it would confuse a cow to follow it. Horses, snowshoes, and skis were a traveler’s way of life in this country of few roads. An old-time settler in Earl made his skis from Maple and Birch because the root had a naturally curved tip. The skis were wide and long with a groove full-length on the bottom, and were seasoned by being buried all summer in a Sphagnum swamp.

Farming was the glue that held the Earl Community together. The early settlers were engaged in logging the woods to clear their land for farming. Hunting and fishing were the main occupations for school age young men. The wild meat harvested often times preserved whole families during the lean years. Much of the hunting, fishing and trapping became a side business with the railroad shipping venison, partridge, fish, and snowshoe rabbits to Chicago. By 1916, the Village of Earl had a creamery, pickle station, and three potato warehouses. By 1919, the Village had added a hardware store, garage, lumber yard, hotel, restaurant, and a beautiful park that still serves the community today.