Geocaching at Hunt Hill

Geocaching is a great outdoor activity for the whole family.  Caches are hidden using specific coordinates posted online; participants then use a GPS unit to find the cache.  The caches are normally hidden in plain site, but some are cleverly camouflaged.  There are approximately 150 hidden caches in Washburn County and that number is ever expanding.

To get started:

Go to and register as a new geocacher. 

Most caches can be viewed with a free membership.

Safety Tips:

  • -Be prepared! Pack any extra supplies you may need including: water, food, extra clothing, extra batteries, map, compass, and GPS unit.
  • -Always research where you are going prior to starting out and allow extra time to make it back before dark.
  • -For safety, bring a frien d or family member with you and let others know where you are planning on going.

Basic Guidelines:

  • -If you take something out of the cache, you must leave something of equal or greater value in return.
  • -You must write about your visit to the cache in the logbook (located in the cache)
  • -Be mindful of the environment; take your trash with you.
  • -Have fun!