Spooner Tin Ceiling-Audio Tour

Spooner Tin Ceiling Tour


Enjoy this audio tour of the Spooner Tin Ceilings. For more information and to view the Spooner Tin Ceiling Tour brochure, please visit our Tin Ceilings of Spooner page. This project was produced by Washburn County Tourism Association, the Spooner Business Improvement District and the Spooner Area Chamber of Commerce with assistance from Sharon Tarr, Emily Vanda, Don Love, & Mary Benson. Photos by Bill LaPorte. 

1. Buckhorn Bar

105 Walnut Street

2. Copper Horse

113 Walnut Street

3. Antiques Associates

121 Walnut Street

4. Rusty Bucket

125 Walnut Street

5. Hedlund HVAC

129 Walnut Street

6. The Wandering Dog Emporium

133 Walnut Street

7. Purple Pelican Gallery

137 Walnut Street

8. Spooner Mercantile

145 Walnut Street

9. Northwind Book & Fiber

205 Walnut Street

10. Wobblin Duck Saloon

214 Walnut Street

11. Original Skin Tattoo Parlor

212 Walnut Street

12. Arts in Hand Gallery

210 Walnut Street

13. Staupe Computers

134 Walnut Street

14. Sather's Jewelry

126 Walnut Street

15. Spooner Market & Grill

110 Walnut Street

16. Cobblestone Custom Framing & Christian Gifts

106 Walnut Street

17. Corner House Pub

102 Walnut Street


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