Fat Bike Trails

Washburn County offers two great two systems for winter riding. Snowshoers are encouraged to use these trails as it helps keep them packed down & in good riding conditions for the fat bikes. Parking is available at both of the trail heads with easy access to the trails to start your riding adventure! Want to know how the trails are before heading out? Check out the trail conditions here. Volunteer groomers send us honest, up-to-date information about the trails so you know what to expect before you get to the trails. Enjoy your ride! 

Wildcat Trails

Type: Winter Fat Biking
Location: 4 Miles East of Spooner, on Highway 70, parking on south side of the highway
Length: 10 Miles of Groomed Trails

Trail Description: A combination of single and double track provide for a wide variety of riding skills & experiences. The trail utilizes thousands of acres of Washburn County forest land, thanks to the Washburn County Forestry Department's support of biking in the area. The trail is groomed by Wildcat Volunteer Groomers and is maintained by the Wildcat Mountain Bike Club. The trails wind through a variety of different tree types such as mature oak, basswood, and maple. In addition there are sections that take you through hundreds of poplar trees that remind you of Aspen, Colorado. The many acres are also dotted with glacial lakes that offer pristine viewing. You will not find any permanent building structures here as all of this land is protected - it is basically the same land one would have found two hundred years ago. 

When exploring Wildcat, trail users will also encounter winding climbs & descents and of course, and abundance of wildlife. 

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Spooner City Park (College St.) Trail

Type: Winter Fat Biking
Location: Spooner, follow College Street to the end and you'll find the entrance to the park
Lenght: 4 Miles of Trails

Trail Description: These trails located right in town offer a great spot for winter biking. The trails are not currently groomed, but frequent snowshoeing keeps the trails in pretty decent condition. The trails offer a wooded, hilly ride and easy access to a warming house. Please note the single track tails are a little too tight to fit a groomer through to keep them packed down - so depending on the time year you may encounter trails slightly softer.  

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