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Washburn County Tourism Association would like to invite you to add your business listing and information about services you provide to the new Washburn County Tourism Website. The basic listing is free to Washburn County resident businesses. Also, if you have a nearby, non-resident business you can get a non-resident listing for a nominal fee. Be sure to print and review the Fee Schedule for any of the selected add-ons for your listing. Once you have completed all of the information for your listing, click “Submit” to send us your information. Allow up to 30 days for payment processing and all copy and photos approved.

If you have any questions about completing the form, or the fee schedule, please contact the WCTA website committee. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Changes to business listings will be allowed 2 times per year, once being at the annual renewal. A new form must be submitted to super-cede the last, and it will be processed in the same fashion/time frame as new listings, and again, is subject to WCTA approval. Exceptions would only be made for new ownership of an existing business listing. If the changes at the six month point include any upgrades that have fees, the full annual amount for that item will be paid for the remainder of the annual term. At the annual renewal the fee would again be required. A log of all changes will be kept on file.

A 30-day maximum turnaround time in the order that the changes were received will be implemented. All fees collected by WCTA for business listings are non-refundable, and go towards maintaining the site.

No ads or coupons etc. or wording stating the printing of this listing for a discount, etc, will be allowed. The website should be informational in content.

For those having no access to a computer to load in the listing info, the WCTA front desk staff should load it in off of the handwritten completed form, and send it to the committee to follow the same approval process as all electronically submitted forms.

If the business has internet access and email, this form must be completed by the business, and not entered by WCTA personnel.