Road Bike/Paved Trails

The quiet, country roads of Washburn County have drawn thousands of bicycle enthusiasts to explore Washburn County's country side over the years. In addition, the city of Shell Lake and the city of Spooner are working on expanding their paved trails to provide a safe, off-road, paved biking experience for families. Please keep checking back as new trails are added.  

Spooner Paved Trail

Type: Paved
Location: Spooner; connecting the Elementary, Middle & High Schools
Trail Description: One mile of paved trail with parking available at College Street/Spooner City Park. 

Washburn County Road System

Type: Paved/Unpaved
Location: Multiple options
Length: Multiple options

Trail Description: The roads of Washburn County are available to bicycle enthusiasts. Many of the county and town roads are quiet, allowing for a scenic bike ride. Please be sure to observe all road safety laws and safety recommendations.

Map: 2019/2020 Washburn County Highway Map



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