Spooner Fish Hatchery

Wisconsin DNR
951 W. Maple St.
Spooner, WI 54801



The Spooner Fish Hatchery, Governor Tommy G. Thompson Hatchery, is the largest hatchery of its kind in the world; it is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The facility annually produces walleye, musky and white sucker. You can see the hatchery incubation process from the viewing room (May is the best time for viewing prior to the fish being moved to the outdoor rearing ponds), learn how to tell the age of a fish and what lures to use to catch one, and much more.

There is a walking path from the parking area across the dam to the visitor center and to Spooner Veterans' Memorial Park on the Yellow River Flowage. There are picnic facilities, a fishing pier and boat launch, Veterans' Memorial Tribute, and the park is handicapped accessible. The hatchery and park may be reached from Highway 70 or Highway 63.


Hours of Operation:

Currently Closed for the Season 

Spooner Fish Hatchery Spooner Fish Hatchery Spooner Fish Hatchery
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