Stone Lake Historical Society Museum

6064 Stone Lake Rd.
Stone Lake, WI 54876



The museum complex comprises the original Stone Lake SOO Line depot, a 1913 SOO Line caboose and the original 1926 Stone Lake Town Hall.

Exhibits include:
The museum & depot house many artifacts from Stone Lake's rich history. In 2010, the museum added on with the 1926 Town Hall and another addition called Preservation Hall. A complete history can be viewed and read in the Historical Album located at the Historical Museum in Stone Lake. Exhibits include:


A special exhibit for 2009 is the 1913 Soo Line Railroad caboose acquired in June, 2009, from the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This crew caboose is located on a special rail line built on the depot/museum site by a local railroader, and has been totally restored inside and out. Visitors of every age are able to go inside the caboose, climb into the cupola and, in their mind's eye, take a ride back in time to experience the life our early railroad workers must have experienced. A special video can be viewed to show visitors the life of the earliest railroaders, and another video shows the actual arrival and placement of the caboose on the rail line at our depot/museum. Both tapes have been known to create new railroad enthusiasts out of museum visitors!


The "Railroad Room" is the Station Agent's office of our Soo Line Depot/Museum, and contains many items from our past railroad history. On the wall there is a brand new, very old and original, metal Soo Line sign and next to that a railroad system map showing all of the railroads that served Wisconsin in 1906. It is quite fascinating! We have the original station agent's desk, the ticket desk from the old depot, the telegraph key and related items, many original railroad lanterns, and a wonderful collection of railroad dining car dinnerware, to name just a few of the items. In the room, a video or a DVD is often playing depicting the history of the railroad in our country.


The original depot freight room is the site of our early pioneer home, with an organ over 100 years old that is still used, a handsome black and chrome parlor stove which would be the envy of any home, and a wonderful collection of every item you might expect to find in each room of the early settler's home, including a library of old books and student's journals donated by our elementary school system in years past.


In 2010 the Stone Lake Area Historical Society moved the original white 1926 Stone Lake Town Hall to the museum complex. This building is joined to the depot through Preservation Hall which houses pictures of all the Stone Lake and Sand Lake elected officials. The Town Hall has interesting exhibits about early local politics, the original post office, old maps of the area, two original murals of early Stone Lake and an unusual display of glass negatives from 1919/1920. These glass negatives depict scenes taken in Siberia and Manchuria during the Polar Expedition and were taken by Stone Lake resident Major Charles M. Winter, first owner of the Pine Ridge lakeshore property on Big Sissabagama Lake.

Hours of Operation:

Friday, May 28th through Saturday, October 2nd
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 PM to 4 PM

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