Theatre in the Woods


605 First St.
Shell Lake, WI 54871

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Theatre in the Woods is a community theatre organization within the Shell Lake Arts Center. Since its inception, TITW has formed a reputation for professional calibur performances. A common passion for the performing arts brings to life everything from lively comedies to serious dramas, musicals to concerts. It happens year round in Northwest Wisconsin from a home we call "the Quam."

The Erika Quam Memorial Theatre is operated by Theatre in the Woods, Ltd., founded in 1990 by a group of area residents who all loved theatre. TITW features something for everyone. Throughout the year there are plays, musicals, and many talented musicians featured at the Quam.This group embraces new volunteers of all experience levels and interests. Act, sing, paint, sew, usher, direct...or participate in some other way. Young or old, TITW has a place for you. Come be a part of something big. And make plenty of friends along the way.


Hours of Operation:

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