Wild Country Guide Service

Billy Rosner
PO Box 53
Minong, WI 54859

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Full-time professional fishing guide, servicing the Minong, WI area lakes and Lake Vermilion area of northeastern, MN. Outdoor promotor, media contributor and seminar speaker.

Billy Rosner, is a 4th generation, internationally recognized, multi-species fishing guide. Billy owns and operates Wild Country Guide Service, offering guided fishing trips on Lake Vermilion and surrounding area waters. In addition to providing professional guide services, Billy is a seminar speaker & outdoor industry promotor who contributes to many publications, TV and online media. He is also a pro-staff member/promotor with several industry leading companies and brands. With over 95 years of guiding in the family, the long-standing tradition remains the same..."Putting Smiles on Clients' Faces - One Fish at a Time".


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