Spooner, WI - A Real Vacationland

If you’re looking for a relaxing, Northwood’s vacation, Spooner is the ideal destination for your time away.  Take a ride on a historic railroad car operated by the Spooner Train Ride, passing through some of the most scenic country in Northern Wisconsin.  The ride is especially popular in the fall when the trees turn to brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.  Afterwards, be sure to check out the Railroad Memories Museum to learn all about the area’s rich railroad history.  For outdoor enthusiasts, Spooner is also home to the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum and the World’s Largest Musky Fish Hatchery, the Governor Tommy Thompson State Fish Hatchery.

For a great way to explore the downtown area, be sure to check out the Spooner Tin Ceiling Tour. Over a dozen of the historic downtown buildings have exposed the original tin ceilings and the are incredible! Take a walk through downtown with the brochure to learn about some really cool history about the downtown buildings and their previous tenants. 

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Festivals & Events

Savage Dash, Spooner WI

Spooner is home to several incredible events including the Jack Pine Savage Days Festival featuring the Savage Dash Mud Run, Jack O' Lantern Festival, Jack Frost Festival, the Spooner Food & Wine Tasting, and of course the Heart of the North Spooner Rodeo. The calendar is always full of great events in Spooner. 

Heart of the North Spooner Rodeo

Spooner Heart of the North Rodeo - Beth Kujala

Since 1954, the Heart of the North Spooner Rodeo has been bringing top notch professional rodeo competition to Spooner. Watch world class competitors compete in all the favorite events - bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback, team roping and much more! This is an event you won't want to miss so get your tickets early!


Where to Stay

Heartwood Conference Center & Retreat

Spooner offers a wide variety of lodging - hotels, campgrounds, cabins, resorts, and the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad's Bed & Breakfast Train Ride. 

Spooner Tin Ceiling Tour

Spooner Tin Ceiling Tour

If you look up as you wander through Spooner's downtown shops, you'll undoubtedly notice that many of the shops have exposed and refinished their original tin ceilings. These ceilings are truly a work of art with their intricate designs. Stop by the visitor center or download a brochure to take the full tour.


What to Do

WI Great Northern Train Ride - Trevor Wright

All aboard! Spooner is home to not only the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad Train Ride, but also the Railroad Memories Museum. In addition, you'll find the Spooner Fish Hatchery, Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum, and an authentic downtown with the best shopping around. 

Trails & Recreation

Biking in Spooner, Wisconsin

Trails wind right through the City of Spooner and stretch in nearly every direction. From biking to skiing and ATVing to snowmobiling, you're sure to find a trail system perfect for you. Rentals are also available nearby for most activities. Stop by the visitor center for the most up to date maps before heading out.


Where to Eat

Waffles at River Street, Spooner, WI

Dozens of restaurants are located in the Spooner area serving up amazing specialties like Friday Night Fish Fry, homemade pizza, mouthwatering steak and more. Be sure to check out Spooner's new brewpub while you're out and about in the downtown area. You'll need to plan more than one trip to taste all the incredible food.

Downtown Spooner

Purple Pelican, Spooner, WI

Taking a stroll through Spooner's historic downtown area is a great way to spend a day. Authentic stores, not t-shirt shops, line the streets. Shop owners greet you with a smile while you look at antiques, art, books, and so much more! Be sure to check out the historic movie theater, The Palace Theatre, while you're here as well.

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