Visit Washburn County, Wisconsin

If you're looking for a great place to get found it! Washburn County is home to nearly 1,000 lakes, hundreds of thousands of acres of public land and miles upon miles of recreational trail systems. Whether you want to hop on an ATV and ride for the day, hit the trail for a hike along the Namekagon River or sit back and enjoy the views via horseback, you're sure to find a trail for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started in planning your Washburn County getaway.

ATV Trails

ATVing in Washburn County

With over 100 miles of ATV trail (not including connecting routes), Washburn County is one of the best spots for family-friendly ATVing. The ATV Scenic Tour brochure guides you through the trail system, pointing out cool things to see along the way. ATV friendly businesses are waiting for you. Plan your trip today.


Nearly 1,000 Lakes

Washburn County Lakes

We aren't kidding. There are exactly 956 lakes in Washburn County! Whether you're looking for a small lake with awesome panfish or you're looking to hit up Long Lake - Walleye Capital of Wisconsin to try your hand at landing a trophy fish, you're bound to find your favorite spot here.


Family Fun

Go Kart Track, Washburn County

Mini golf, horseback riding, birding, hiking, go karts, sandy beaches, playgrounds, fishing, festivals, and so much more make Washburn County the ideal destination for families. Whether it's a quick weekend trip during the school year or a whole week vacation in the summer, you'll find family fun in Washburn Co.


What to Do: Attractions

Attractions in Washburn County

From scenic train rides along the Namekagon River: Wisconsin's Moving National Park to an art gallery where you can get your hands dirty and paint your own pottery, Washburn County has a ton of fun waiting for you. Explore the many museums and even take a tour of the world's largest musky fish hatchery. 


Fall Color

Fall in Washburn County

When the leaves begin to change and the cool air relieves the summer heat, Washburn County becomes a canvas of incredible orange, red and yellow trees. The river sparkles and the pumpkin patch fun begins. Take a train ride, hike or ATV to explore the beauty that fall offers in Wsashburn County's north woods.


Where to Stay

Lodging in Washburn County

Cabin on the lake? Check. Cozy hotel room? Check. Campsite with a fire pit? Check. Rustic yurt? Wait, what? Check. Washburn County offers a variety of lodging options. Yes, even including a yurt. Another cool one is the Bed & Breakfast train ride where you'll sleep in an original sleeping car. Check out all of the options.



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