Snowmobiling near Beaver Brook, Washburn County Snowmobiling across Whalen Creek, Washburn County Snowmobiling on Trail 39, Washburn County


Washburn County boasts some of the most scenic snowmobiling in the state. Over 240 miles of groomed trails wind through public forests and across private land covering literally hundreds of thousands of acres. Washburn County is unmatched for wilderness sledding that is close to lodging and amenities. Our local trails link to the largest network of snowmobile trails in the Midwest. Hard-working local snowmobile clubs have developed a top-notch trail system that crosses public and private lands, lakes, streams and bridges. The varied terrain includes hardwood and evergreen forests, wetlands and farm fields. You'll see towering pines, rolling hills and deep valleys. Nearly 1,000 lakes in the area offer more than 30,000 acres of lake riding. Most trails are maintained from early December through March, depending on conditions. Always check trail conditions prior to riding. Many of our trails cross private land so please be respectful of our landowners who have so generously allowed us to build a trail across their property. 


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Trail Conditions

Snowmobile Trail Conditions in Washburn County, Wisconsin

We want you to have the best experience on our trails, so we strive to provide up-to-date, accurate trail reports. Our reports are reviewed every single weekday to ensure accuracy. Local clubs report in regularly. Trail conditions are available 24/7 by calling 800-367-3306 or click the link below.

Washburn County Snowmobile Maps

Snowmobile Maps for Washburn County, Wisconsin

Official Washburn County ATV & Snowmobile Map

Tuscobia Trail
51 miles of trail located on an abandoned railroad grade starting in Birchwood and going east to Park Falls.

Wild River Trail Map
96 mile trail that follows an abandoned railroad grade from Rice Lake to Superior. 

Snowmobile Rules & Regulations

Snowmobile Regulations in Wisconsin

Looking for more information on how to legally ride snowmobile in Wisconsin? Be sure to check out the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for more information.

General Snowmobile Info

Rules & Regulations



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