The trees are changing and there is a crisp, coolness to the air - it’s fall, one of the most beloved seasons around the northwoods. And what’s not to love? The sights are beautiful, it’s finally sweater weather again, and the flavors are divine! Yes, flavors of fall are a real thing and around here we get spoiled with just how delicious (and local) they are! 

We know that all of those chain coffee places have to serve up their fall menu each year, but around here the coffee shops love when it’s time to start serving up Caramel Apple Ciders and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or a PSL if you want to go with its “trendy” name). When asking around about who would be serving up fall flavors this year, Alley Cats Coffee lit up when we asked if their “PSL” was back. And, it is indeed back along with some other fall flavors you will have to try if pumpkin just isn’t your they’re all served with a little touch of that northwoods hospitality you just can’t beat. 

So maybe pumpkin isn’t your favorite, we get it - we have a hard time picking a favorite as well. Around here cranberries fall in that list of top flavors because when you can see the fresh berries coming out of the marshes, how can you not love them? Have you ever been to Stone Lake’s Cranberry Festival? It has been around for more than 40 years and for good reason! It’s a great place to get fresh cranberries, drink cranberry mimosas (also known as the Stone Lake Mimosa), eat a bunch of cranberry goodies, and even get a tour of one of the local marshes. Oh yeah, and you can shop around tons of vendors that enjoy coming to the festival each year.

But, back to flavors - since we are talking about cranberries we should probably mention the only brewery in Washburn County, Round Man Brewing Co. is coming out with a Cranberry Sour Ale. Such a fitting flavor for the season. When you sip on their new brew & taste the cranberry goodness, just know that those berries came right from a family run cranberry operation just outside of Spooner on Dock Lake Road; we love seeing small Washburn County businesses supporting each other! And, if you thought the Sour was fitting enough for fall, there is also an Oktoberfest set to be poured soon and a Maple-nut Porter AND a Chocolate Milk Stout. Yes, all those flavors will be on tap at the brewery, yum!  

Is your mouth watering yet thinking about all this local yummy-ness? We didn’t even mention the Friday Fish Fries that are not just a summer thing, as well as the Oktoberfest specials put on by the local restaurants, and yummy desserts whipped up with a homemade recipe. It’s all so good - come take a sip or bite off more than you can chew!