Fishing & Outdoor Reports

6/18/2024 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

Hey folks, Kyle Tyree here with your latest  fishing update!
We're in a sweet spot for fishing right now. Water temperatures are sitting between 65°-70°F depending on the lake size. The bluegills are starting to bed down in the shallows, so it's prime time to get out there and hammer some panfish. Keep an eye on those shallower warmer bays where the beds are easy to spot.

Walleye are still hanging around the weed edges at about 12 to 15 feet deep. Early mornings and late evenings are your best bets, and Slip bobbers with leeches is working wonders.

For those of you after northern pike and largemouth bass, focus on the shallower thick weeds. The pike are smashing flashy spinnerbaits and largemouth bass are hitting chatterbaits very well. That vibration really draws them in.

And let's not forget the crappies! They've moved to their post-spawn locations in the deeper weeds. Using crappie minnows in these areas is paying off big time. Find those deeper tall weed beds and you're in for crappie action.

That's it for this report. Get out there, have fun, and as always, tight lines! We have limited guide trip availability so give me a call and let’s get you scheduled in to catch some fish!

4/29/24 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

The past couple weeks have been busy!

Anglers are getting their boats out and grabbing some crappie minnows and night crawlers. Water temps are cold yet, so the crappies and bluegills are still in the deep water. As the days get warmer and we approach the May 4th opener, the fishing will just keep getting better! Don't forget your license expired on 3/31!! We will be open until 9:00 on May 3rd and open at 5:00 on Saturday morning. We have LEECHES!! Panfish, regular and some nice large ones.

Youth Turkey hunt went really well, check out our Facebook pages for some great pictures. This past week was the first week for a lot of hunters.

Successful hunters in our family include Bailee, Allie, Jeff and Jay.

WE Sell DAKA DOCKS AND LIFTS check out their website and then call us for pricing.

Open 6:00 AM's on.

1/17/24 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

Well the ice is definitely getting safe on the lakes, many reporting 7" and up.. But always use caution when going on the ice.  We had a 19" brown trout come in off of Spooner lake and a couple really nice Bass from another area (Mystery) lake.  Next weekend the 27th there is a contest scheduled at Northwinds, located on Rice Lake by Benoit Lake. Also the Barronett fishing contest on Shallow Lake west of Barronett on the 27th. Coyote hunters are out hunting. Not much snow makes it a lot easier this year. Our bait supply is very good, including frozen smelt, shiners, cisco and Herring. Coffee's on at 6:00 am!

1/16/24 - Reported by Wisconsin DNR

Curious about ice fishing but don’t know where to start?
This weekend, Jan. 20-21, is Free Fishing Weekend, and that means you can ice fish without a fishing license or trout and salmon stamp throughout Wisconsin. Keep in mind, though, that all other fishing regulations apply.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you head out on the ice:
– Whether you are fishing an open stream, jig fishing from a shack or waiting for a flag from a tip-up, remember that no ice is 100% safe. Take precautions and stay safe on the ice.
– Also, just like you, fish don’t like being kept out in the cold. Try to get them back in the water as quickly as possible.

Free Fishing Weekend only happens twice a year, so take advantage and see what ice fishing is all about! Learn more about Free Fishing Weekend and Learn to Fish clinics on our website:

We’ll see you on the ice!

1/15/24 - Reported by The Pioneer on Long Lake

ICE REPORT!!! Well we are definitely finally making ice!! It was -12° this morning, now 1° which I believe is going to be our high for the day. The ice is very inconsistent, I drilled 10 holes, found from 6"-2" so we definitely need some time. Most of the lake was open five days ago. The forecast looks great with cold and no snow so hopefully we can get out there soon! As always no ice is ever 100% safe so please use caution. And if you want to come visit our winter wonderland we do have nice warm cozy cabins open year round!

1/14/24 - Reported by Long Lake Bait & Tackle

Just checked Blackhawk Road landing "Narrows Landing" - we made ice overnight that's for sure. 3-4 solid inches out there! Foot traffic definitely recommended but with these temps, won't be long. Get out and fish!

1/11/24 - Reported by The Pioneer on Long Lake

Ice Report: Well FINALLY we can call the lake locked up! Everything we can see on the south end is locked up. Am checking with folks on the north end now! Cold cold weather the next week or two so hopefully we get some good ice, and snow to salvage a month or so of snowmobile and ice fishing season!!! The dark colored ice was open last night so please please take extreme caution when venturing out on the ice.

1/6/24 - Reported by Wisconsin DNR

Let the trout season begin!

The early catch and release inland trout season kicks off this Saturday, Jan. 6, giving you your first chance in 2024 to hit those inland streams, lakes and ponds for one of Wisconsin’s four inland trout species. Remember, only artificial tackle can be used during this season, which will run until May 3, 2024. Make sure to have your 2023-2024 general fishing license AND your inland trout and salmon stamp, which are both good until March 31, 2024.

Since this is a catch and release season, we also want to remind you to release your catch responsibly. Reduce your reel and handling time as much as possible.

It's sure to be a great season, so dress warm and enjoy yourself out there!

Get tips on our website:


1/5/24 - Reported by Long Lake Bait & Tackle

The ice at the Narrow Landing (Blackhawk Road) is only 1/2" Thick.

12/26/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

This weather is causing a lot of anglers to re-think about getting out on the ice. We had about 6-8 good ice on many lakes. Now we have a  LOT of rain on top of that ice. Some shorelines are breaking up, etc. For that reason we are postponing our 18th annual youth fishing funday from Thursday to Saturday this week. Once it stops raining, the temps will be settling down into what appears to be a more normal range. We did have people fishing over the weekend and even on Christmas Day!

12/22/24 - Reported by Wisconsin DNR

Reminder! The antlerless-only holiday hunt opens this weekend in select Farmland Zone counties and runs from Dec. 24 – Jan. 1, 2024.

If you'll be out for the holiday hunt, keep safety top of mind and remember that all hunters, except waterfowl hunters, are required to wear blaze orange or fluorescent pink during any firearm deer season, including those participating in the holiday hunt.

In addition to wearing blaze orange, remember TAB-K to help you easily remember the four rules of firearm safety:

T = Treat every firearm as if it is loaded
A = Always point the muzzle in a safe direction
B = Be certain of your target, what's before it and what's beyond it
K = Keep your finger outside your trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

Be safe and enjoy the hunt!

Find the counties in this year’s antlerless-only holiday hunt:

12/14/23 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

Most area lakes have ice on them, however, there are some bigger lakes that are still open in places such as Long lake. The smaller lakes have anywhere from 2"-6" so still use caution and bring a spud bar to check the ice as you go. The crappies and bluegills have been hitting small tungsten jigs tipped with plastics and wax worms. 

12/22/24 - Reported by Wisconsin DNR

This year, the State Game Farm successfully produced 75,000 pheasants and stocked the birds at state wildlife areas around Wisconsin. The game farm also supplied 12,000 day-old pheasants to our partners in the Day-Old Chick program and Learn to Hunt events. The week of Dec. 18 will be the last time we stock pheasants on 25 different properties across the state for the 2023 season.

Just because the stocking schedule is wrapping up doesn’t mean you have to stop chasing birds. Pheasant hunting is open until Jan. 7, 2024, so take advantage of these late-season opportunities.

You can find information on the latest stocked properties at:


12/9/23 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

Check out an ice report from the lake - View Video

11/30/23 - Reported by Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin's 2023 9-day gun deer season is now behind us, but that doesn't mean deer season is over. Hunters across the state still have multiple deer harvest opportunities this fall and winter.

Opportunities include:
– Muzzleloader season – Nov. 27 – Dec. 6
– Statewide Antlerless-Only Hunt – Dec. 7-10
– Antlerless-Only Holiday Hunt – Dec. 24-Jan. 1, 2024, in select Farmland Zone units

Hunters may use any unfilled antlerless harvest authorization during any of these hunts, but the authorization must be used in the zone, county and land type designated on the harvest authorization. Only antlerless deer may be harvested during the statewide antlerless-only hunt and antlerless-only holiday hunt, regardless of weapon type. Archery and crossbow seasons remain open statewide through Jan. 7, 2024, and extend until Jan. 31, 2024, in metro subunits and in deer management units with extended archery and crossbow seasons.

Learn more about upcoming seasons and all rules and regulations online:


8/10/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

Fishing update: Rick has had a lot of clients come in saying the catching has been very good. Right now we are out of leeches, but we still have northern and walleye suckers; crappies and fatheads; crawler and leaf worms and Rick's standby waxies.

HUNTING: Bonus Antlerless Deer Tags go on sale Monday at 10:00 AM for the Northern Zone.

Washburn county has 3100 public / 6000 Private tags
Sawyer County has  950 public /  3200 private tags
Douglas county has 570 public /  1330 private tags
Burnett county has  1400 / public  5600 private tags 
Ashland county has 100 public / 350 private tags
You need to buy your archery or gun deer license to buy a bonus tag and your archery or gun deer license is for Bucks only.

 GOOSE: Early Canada goose season opens 9/1-9/15

ARCHERY- The advantage of archery hunting is that you have from Sept 16th through the end of the year to hunt whitetails! So stop in and see the Ravin and center point Crossbows we have in stock.

7/20/23- Reported by AAA Sports Shop

Lots of visitors have been coming to the area and they are giving us good reports on fishing. We currently have northern and walleye suckers, crappie minnows and fatheads in stock, and a good supply 

of leeches. If you're fishing on a new lake, be sure to have a map of the lake with you. All Wisconsin Lakes have maps available on the DNR  website, google WI DNR lake maps and pick the county, then scroll through to find the lake you want. You only need to print page 1, you don't need page 2, it's just DNR info.

Just got the information from the DNR that the bonus (antlerless) deer tags will go on sale 8/14,  the numbers will be posted on our FB page. Our Ravin, Center point and Rocky Mountain Crossbows are in and more archery product will be coming in soon. Archery Season is only 8 weeks away. We have Bear Bait, Northwoods bear products, Gone Wild Bear attractants Molasses and Liquid Smoke, etc.  We have Trophy Rock, Lucky Buck and much more in the deer attractants. We will have a display at the Washburn County Fair next week, stop by and say Hello!

7/14/23- Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

The latest fishing report indicates a trend where panfish are relocating to deeper colder waters, and the larger gamefish are following suit. In addition, the bait fish are also transitioning from weed areas to deeper areas. To capitalize on this transition, anglers can employ effective techniques such as using crankbaits and trolling methods like the lindy rig for targeting walleyes. Kyle can be reached at 715-416-2145. We currently have availability during the months of July and August. 

6/5/23 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

This week, the fishing conditions have been great. The walleyes have been actively transitioning to weed lines. To catch them, using leeches and slip bobbers as bait has proven effective. Crappies have been found in deeper structures, and using minnows as bait has resulted in many caught. As the water temperature rises, bass and pike have become more aggressive, offering exciting opportunities for anglers. It's a great time to be out on the water, enjoying the thrill of fishing and reaping the rewards of the changing conditions.

Wisconsin Fisherman Guide Service has a range of days available for booking. You can choose from their selection of open dates to plan your fishing trip. Call or Email Kyle at or at 715-699-6772.  

5/25/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop 

Summer is here and we've had a lot of new customers stop by. The fishing licenses have been a big hit and the fish have really been biting. We had a family stop in who have been staying on Middle McKenzie for the week and they limited out on panfish for 2 days, using waxies and worms. Another customer in Trego caught the biggest walleye he's ever caught (and released it) using fatheads. Fishing has been good so far this year and its only the beginning. Have fun out there!

Memorial Day Weekend: We have Northern and Walleye suckers, fatheads and crappie minnows, leeches, waxies and crawlers. We have our $50.00 bait card on sale for $40.00 through the end of the month. We also have Gazelle screen tents, Barronett blinds and Ravin Crossbows. Have a great weekend and remember we have coffee on at 6:00 AM!

5/18/23 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

We've been seeing water temps around 58-60F crappie fishing around shallow sunken timber is exceptional. Anglers are having great success using a classic setup consisting of a bobber, hook, and live minnow as bait. The crappie are congregating around the timber, making it an ideal spot to target. With the irresistible allure of a lively minnow, anglers are consistently reeling in sizable crappie. Walleyes are still in the shallows mostly being caught from 8' to 14' of water. Slip bobber with a fathead minnow has been the way to get the bait off the bottom. We have dates available if you'd like to get out on the boat with us! Good luck out there!

4/20/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

Ice is off most of the lakes! Time to get the boat out and ready for the fishing opener on May 6th. Meanwhile, it's turkey hunting season. The first week started Wednesday the 19 and goes through Tuesday the 25th. Each season opens on Wednesday for the next 5 weeks and runs for 7 days. We have turkey guns in 12 and 20 gauge and we have Ammo, calls, blinds, etc. There are bonus tags left for Zone 4 for the last week. We will be running early fishing specials everyday the week prior to Opener. Reminder: YOUR FISHING LICENSE EXPIRED MARCH 31ST.

4/6/23 Reported by AAA Sports Shop

It looks like we will have a couple weeks of ice fishing left. The landings are holding up real well.  ATV'S are now on the lakes but always remember where you are going. Crappie minnows, waxies and spikes can be used for live bait while using small jigging minnows, puppet minnows and larger Demon jigs. Plastics by Clam have been selling well and also Berkley Gulp minnow and minnow heads.

REMINDER: Turkey Season STARTS APRIL 19TH and runs for 6 WEEKS. 

3/16/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

Ice Fishing....there are still a few die-hards out there on the lakes. This rain today will turn to snow making for interesting access to the lakes. We have ice cleats if you need a pair. Reminder that next week the bonus turkey tags are on sale starting Monday. YOUR FISHNG LICENSE EXPIRES ON MARCH 31st. There will be a Gun Show at the Barronett Community Center on March 31st and April 1st. More info coming next week.

3/10/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

We have bonus turkey tags going on sale this Monday March 13th. For more information on spring turkey tags, check out this website. 

2/28/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

As we head into the last weekend of Big Game fishing the weather looks pretty good for the weekend. We will have sucker minnows and shiners through the week with our last delivery coming in on Friday. We will continue to have crappie minnows, waxies and spikes. Call and check on our supply as the weekend progresses. Our in-house gun show went well with over 160 people coming in over the 4 days. Winner of the 20 gauge shotgun was Sally Mattie.

The month of March is a big Turnover time for us. Ice fishing  items go on sale!! Vexilars, Ions, Eskimo, etc are all marked down, along with aal ice fishing combos.

LOOKING AHEAD. The first week of Turkey season is April 19th-26th.  Bonus tags go on sale

  • Zone 1 - Monday, March 20
  • Zone 2 - Tuesday, March 21
  • Zone 3 - Wednesday, March 22
  • Zone 4 - Thursday, March 23
  • Zone 5 - Friday, March 24
  • Zone 6 - no permits
  • Zone 7 - no permits
  • All remaining bonus authorizations go on sale on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 10 a.m.

2/23/23 - Reported by Wisconsin Fisherman

The fishing has been really good. Most lakes are producing Crappies with slip bobbers and minnows. The Northern Pike bite is getting better as the season comes to an end March 5th. We've been using big sucker minnows with great results. Using Tip-ups near weeds or even shallow in the weeds. Bluegills are still biting on small jigs and waxworms you can find them near dead or standing weeds as well. Good luck out there and be safe!

2/16/23 - Reported by The Pioneer on Long Lake

A large part of the lake has opened up at the very north end of the lake. As always, use caution on the ice, most of the snow is gone on the lake as well

2/20/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop 

The past 2 weekends were good for the fishermen! When the weather's nice people do get out. The cold weather and then the rain made most of  the lakes a real skating rink. People are driving on a few of the lakes now. We have 2 more weekends to fish for the GAMEFISH>>> last day is MARCH 5th  for Northern, Walleye, Bass....then the season closes until May 6th. As we get into March the panfish bite will improve. So the tip ups can get put away but keep the jig poles out!

Starting March 1st all our ice jigs go on sale. 

Fishing licenses expire 3/31

Next up is spring turkey season. We have a good supply of turkey ammo in stock, and we are checking the inventory of turkey choke tubes. Decoys and blinds will be going on sale too. Stop in and say Hello!

2/14/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

The warm weather this past week had a LOT of anglers out. Several people were ice fishing for the first time this year! Popular lakes were LIpsett, Benoit, Potato and the Yellow River in town. These smaller lakes were more accessible for walking out. There are snowmobiles and ATV"S on the lakes. We heard the Cumberland contest was well attended and they were driving trucks out. This Saturday the 18th is the Fishing contest on Gull Lake by Lampson 10:00 4:00-This is sponsored by the Washburn county Junior  Livestock Sale and show club. Also one on Poskin Lake 11:00-3:00 sponsored by the Sportsman club. If we get the rain, as predicted, the lakes will be ice skating rinks?.... If you need ice cleats...we HAVE THEM! Thursday - Sunday we will have an "in-house" gun show. Lots of specials...some door prizes and a chance to win a new gun! If you're not sure what to fish with, just tell us where you are going and we will suggest what we think is best. Crappie minnows, waxies and spikes for the panfish....walleye suckers, fatheads and small shiners for the walleye and bass Northern suckers, large shiners and frozen bait for the Northern. Get outside while the weather is nice!

2/9/23 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

This winter has been a difficult one for ice fishing, so much wet heavy snow in December and January made a mess of the lakes.  No ice is ever completely safe and this year it is especially so. Still folks have been getting out on the ice, mostly on foot, to find various amounts of snow and slush on top of the ice. I walked out on an area lake recently with my son, we found about eight inches of ice and proceeded to catch a nice bunch of bluegills in about ten feet of water with patchy weeds nearby.  A vexilar type of locator was key to seeing fish near bottom and then be able to tease them up out of the school with our baits to make them eat.  Small tungsten jigs and wax worms seemed to be what they liked the best that day. 
Be safe on the ice and enjoy the outdoors - Jim Stroede Guide Service 

1/19/23 - Reported by AAA Sports Shop

There is good ice but it's under a lot of snow. We've had wet, heavy snow, rain and today it's lighter snow. It is a challenge to get out on the lakes. Those anglers that do get out are walking, pulling sleds and working hard...but they are being rewarded with some nice fish.