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What is Washburn County Tourism Association?

Washburn County Tourism Association is a 501(c)6, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting tourism in the Washburn County area. The organization is comprised of individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in working to promote and improve tourism in Washburn County. An outstanding board of directors oversees the operation of the organization and empowers the WashCo tourism team to inspire travelers to visit Washburn County through their marketing, outreach and public relations efforts.


To serve as the official tourism promotion and tourism development organization for Washburn County, Wisconsin


Through effective outreach and marketing, Washburn County Tourism Association will position Washburn County, Wisconsin as the premier Northwoods destination to visit, live and work.


Section 1: To promote tourism in Washburn County and support related activities and projects.

Section 2: To provide a forum for the collection and exchange of ideas and programs on tourism advertising, promotion and development.

Section 3: To collaborate with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, regional tourism, economic development, and community & government organizations.

Meet the Team:

Kaitlin - Headshot


Executive Director & Chief Operations Officer

Time w/ Tourism: 6 Years

Key Roles: Business Outreach & Communication, Operation, Finance

About: A Washburn County native, Kaitlin joined the tourism team as an intern during the summer of 2016. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation Tourism from Winona State, Kaitlin moved back to promote the area she loves so much. Her passion to see Washburn County’s businesses thrive is unparalleled and has led to the creation of her new position. She now raises her little one to enjoy all the things Washburn County has to offer just as she did.

Contact: kaitlin@washburncounty.org

Lindsay Barnes - Headshot


Marketing Director

Time w/ Tourism: October 2022

Key Roles: Marketing & Design, Advertising Placements, Social Media


Contact: marketing@washburncounty.org

Coming Soon placeholder


Office Coordinator

Time w/ Tourism: TBD

Key Roles: Visitor Experience, Office Admin Duties

About: Announcement of our new team member will be coming soon!

Contact: info@washburncounty.org

How to Partner with Washburn County Tourism Assn:

Our team is here to serve you, the businesses and organizations of Washburn County. Below you'll find an Introduction to our organization as well as Membership information. If you have any questions, reach out to a team member and we'll be glad to help. We can't wait to meet you! 

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