Washburn County, WI - Current Trail Conditions

Up-to-date trail conditions for Washburn County including ATV, Mountain Bike, Hiking, and more. Be sure to bookmark this page as trail conditions change frequently. The team at Washburn County Tourism Association update trail conditions from local reports multiple times a week to provide you the best possible information. See you on the trail! 

Monday, December 4, 2023

ATV/UTV Trails: 

ATV Trails are OPEN. Please note that Washburn County ordinances stipulate automatic closures of our trails when DNR fire danger is at very high or higher. Please use, https://apps.dnr.wi.gov/wisburn/#/ to check the latest Fire Danger rating. If you experience downed trees, trail debris, etc. please report that to Washburn County Forestry at 715-635-4490.

Bike Trails: 

Wildcat Mountain Bike Trail: All Wildcat Trails are open for Mountain biking and hiking.

College Street/Spooner City Park: All trails are open and in good condition. 

Hiking Trails:

Hunt Hill Trails: Trails are in good condition! The first snow occurred on 10/31 with about one inch of accumulation. Hiking boots are recommended to prevent slipping on trails and to keep feet warm and dry. 

Trail Reroute Project: The Vole Trail is getting updated! We planted new grass on the rerouted sections of Vole Trail during Autumn 2022. Please follow signs and stay off of the new grass until it becomes established. New trail sections are predicted to reopen during the Summer of 2023.

Discovery Trail Theme: Gnomes

-Barred Owl (Discovery) Trail: Good Condition
-Bear Trail: Good Condition
-Bog Trail: Good Condition
-Deer Trail: Good Condition
-Frances Andrews Trail: Good Condition
-Old Highway Trail: Good Condition
-Red Oak Trail: Good Condition
-Vole Trail: Closed for reroute. To access Bear Trail, please take Barred Owl to Deer Trail.
-Trails South of Audubon Road (Crane, Kinglet, Porcupine): Good Condition