As if the gorgeous lakefront community of Shell Lake wasn’t stunning enough, it’s also home to several intricately designed mosaics that are an absolute must-see when visiting. Created by the former owner of the Brickyard Pottery & Gallery in Barronett, Mary Dosch, as well as a number of community volunteers, the murals are a stunning representation of the community. We don’t want you to miss a single stop, so we’ve put together a list for you beginning at Mary’s former business in Barronett.

  1. Brickyard Pottery & Gallery (2011) – You won’t want to miss a trip to the bathroom at Brickyard Pottery. Although it may be a surprising location, the details of the “fish restroom” at Brickyard will be one of your favorite hidden gems in the area. Mary’s inspiration came when a friend told her that her public restroom was “too boring”. That simple comment brought to life the full room mosaic that exists today.
  2. Shell Lake Public School (2016) – When the Shell Lake School was in need of new benches, a group of fifth grade girls (with Mary’s help) designed a set of gorgeous benches with a nature theme.
  3. Shell Lake Lakefront Information Kiosk (2017) – Welcoming visitors to the area, Shell Lake’s information kiosk contains two incredible mosaics. The south side mosaic is a gorgeous representation of the fun activities available at Shell Lake’s Memorial Park. On the north side you’ll find an eclectic representation of the downtown area business community.
  4. Shell Lake Public Library & City Hall (2015) – A great depiction of the joy of reading and the world it opens up. This mosaic mural is located on the southeast corner of the city hall and library building.
  5. Shell Lake Post Office Lobby (2014) – The largest of the mosaics at a whopping 15 feet in length, offers a beautiful visualization of the beauty of the Shell Lake area. The theme, “A Town for All Seasons” represents activities that Shell Lake is well known for year round.
  6. Shell Lake Arts Center Lower Level (2006) – Three 4’x8’ panels representing the Shell Lake Arts Center stand proud on the outside of the building.
  7. Shell Lake Arts Center Upper Level (2008) – Welcoming visitors to the Darrell Aderman Auditorium is a gorgeous mosaic welcome sign that was made by community members back in 2008.