Fishing & Outdoor Report

Fishing & Outdoor Reports for Washburn County

10/16/17- Reported by AAA Sports

The weather was beautiful on Saturday and Sunday, once we got past the early morning showers. Most of our anglers were getting live bait for their bait of choice; from crappie minnows to musky suckers. There was quite a variety of fanglers in the area this weekend. We're on the last of  the leeches. We sold a lot of musky suckers for the guys heading to Hayward Lakes area. Water temps are going down. There are guys out grouse hunting this week. More guys heading to the woods  for bow hunting now that the leaves are falling and it's cooling off.



10/9/17- Reported by AAA Sports

Lots of anglers out here pursuing the big muskies. We have large sucker minnows and also brought in a line pf Savage Gear soft bait. Last of the leeches are being used on the panfish and crappies. We had a 34" northern come in from "LOST LAKE," a guy said he caught it while trolling  for bass. The Brule has been pretty popular right now for the steelheads. Heard some guys went up to Washburn and caught some trout.They said they were throwing large poppers. Get out there and get fishing!


10/9/17 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Muskie fishing around Washburn County is very good right now.  We're getting closer to the peak of the fall colors and have some great fishing to go along with it!  Muskies are hitting jerk baits and big minnow baits as we've worked them along drop offs near deep water.  A good number of our fish are coming on quick strike rigged suckers as well. The fishing should only get better as the weather gets cooler. 
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede 


9/25/17 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

With warmer than normal weather this past week one wouldn't think that the musky fishing would be very good here in Washburn County, but surprisingly its been pretty good. We've been able to boat some good fish by being versatile.  Some fish have been caught casting bucktails and topwaters, others have come on live suckers, and a few trolling crankbaits. The key is to have a flexible approach.  We also spent some time fishing for smallmouth bass, we had our best luck on pitching small soft plastics in shallow water.   A cool down is in the forecast for this week, so we'll see how it effects the fishing.  Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede 

9/12/17 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

This weeks warmer temperatures have been a pleasure to fish in.  And the fish must like it too because they're bitting good!
Muskies are active and chasing bucktails and topwaters in the shallows. Look for the thickest weed cover you can actually run a bait through and keep pounding away at 'em. We've been catching some nice bass too, both largemouth and smallmouth are doing well right now.  Spinnerbaits and jig worms are good out there. Crappies are starting to show up in classic fall areas now too. Good luck and good fishing!

9/12/17 - Report by Shell Lake Marine

Fishing is starting to turn a corner and pick back up for the fall bite. Shell Lake has had some reports of some 30"to mid 40" muskies along with ok panfish coming back into the weed lines from the cribs. Smallmouth Fisherman have reported some fair to good action along with everyone including the walleye seekers wishing leeches were still available. Crawlers have to be substituted or get creative with plastics as there are quite a few realistic alternatives. Everyone has been enjoying the early fall type weather including the annual site of the geese gathering has made fishing enjoyable for all.

8/9/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Fishing Report for Long Lake--Lot's of activity in and around the weeds! Bluegills, Bass, and Perch!  Also this week we have had reports of the Walleye and Crappie starting back up again off the deeper edge of the weeds anywhere from 12'-15' using crawlers.  The leech season is done, but most folks are having excellent luck with Crawlers, worms and waxies, also the crappie minnow and Fathead traffic is picking up!  Special note: there is a shortage of Walleye sucker minnows right now. Long Lake Bait has all in stock!  Open 7 a.m.-6 p.m. MondaySaturday and Sunday's 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

8/8/17- Reported by Shell Lake Marine

I am not one for fairy tales, every report I have received this week has been dismal. Panfish bite is slow and size is small. Small mouth is probably still the best action at mediocre. Walleye is very light bite with few hook ups. Time to try spinners for northerns and at least you will get some exercise :)


Good morning, these warm August days have produced some exceptionally fine weeds on the lakes. Lots of anglers looking for the weed less hooks and lures now. Some are using the Johnson Silver Minnow's and the Snag Proof Boss Rat and Mouse. Also the weed less hooks and worms ,such as a GAMAKATZU weed less and a YUM, KALIN, or YAMAMOTO worm. Most of the customers who are coming in for bait say they are catching enough for a meal or two but nothing real exceptional for quantity and size. We're on the tail end of the leeches, but should have small ones for the next 1-2 weeks. Spooner Lake still producing a lot of fish ( crappies, bluegills and a few perch).

8/1/17- Reported by Shell Lake Marine

Fishing has been extremely tough this past week on Shell Lake. Can't even buy a walleye. Smallmouth bass are about your only option for some action try a Lindy rig with a crawler or spinners off the weed lines. Panfish are sporadic off the cribs.

7/25/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Musky fishing is picking up around the area, buck tails and top waters are catching fish early and late in the day. Pike are providing lots of action in between musky strikes too. Walleyed are a little on the tough side lately, we are picking up a few during our multi species outings. Largemouths are still going strong here too. Wacky worms and spinnerbaits are good choices right now.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede 

7/24/17- Reported by Shell Lake Marine

Fishing on Shell Lake has picked up for Small mouth bass with reports of fish over 20". Panfish are on the cribs in fair numbers. Walleye action has slowed down as normal for mid summer limited success with trolling with perch or gold rapalas.

7/24/17- Reported by AAA Sports

Hi from AAA Sportshop. The hot humid weather had the Anglers fishing early in the morning and later in the evening. Seem to be selling more lures than minnows over the weekend. A lot of SPRO frogs and BOOYAH pad crasher went out the door in addition to chatterbaits. We had 2 bass over 4 LBS come in. One 30" 8 LB northern too, Rick continues to have guests in 3-4 days a week and they always go home with their tummies full and some fish to take home to enjoy later. Customers also purchasing weedless hooks and worms. Some lakes are really a challenge with the weeds by now. The coffee's on at 6:00 AM! Have a great week!

7/17/17- Reported by AAA Sports

Beautiful weather and great fishing! We've had lots of visitors to the area in over the past 2 weeks. We've sold quite a variety of bait with leeches being the strong seller, panfish ones on a jog or hook, regular size ones on spinners, beetle spins, larger ones on bigger jigs. Frogs from SPRO and BOOYAH have been going well for the bass. Weedless hooks and jigs are selling well for the lakes where weeds have become a problem. We brought some TUFFIES a smail bait fish, slightly bigger than fatheads but smaller than walleye minnows. 

7/17/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Washburn County fishing has been great! Lots of bass and panfish bitting on lots of lakes all across the county. Long Lake has been hot for a mixed bag of walleyes, largemouth and smallmouth bass, pike and bluegills. Deep weeds and wood are the better spots to find fish here, bring lots of bait! Also of interest is the many smaller lakes with nice largemouth bass populations. On these waters we've done very well on wacky worms and/or topwaters. Muskies action is beginning to pick up too, a few nice fish have begun to show up early in the day on classic summer spots.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede 

7/10/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

This week we're have some more typical summer weather, with our warmest stretch of temperatures so far. Water temps are around 70 degrees on area lakes. Bass and bluegills have been the most common catches, but walleyes are still bitting too. Muskie action is improving around Washburn County. Some nice fish are showing up on bucktails and swim baits. Try the weed line first, but if you have no action try casting or trolling over open water.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede Guide Service 

7/3/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Cool, rainy weather looks like its giving way to warmer summer days.  The fishing has remained solid around the area.  Bass fishing, for both large and smallmouth has continued to be very good.  Wacky worms and jigs with soft plastics are catching lots of fish.  Walleyes have been a bit tougher most days, a few are showing up on deeper spots on jigs and live bait. Muskies are picking up a bit, casting and trolling are both working at times.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede 

6/22/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service  

Fishing has been great around Washburn county this week.  Bass, walleyes, pike and panfish have all been active.  The weather has been all over the place, sunny, windy, raining, hot, cool and all of the above on any particular day.
In spite of this the fish are bitting good. Jigs and leeches are working good, and we've caught some fish trolling crankbaits recently too. I'm expecting a good weed bite to continue for a while on most all of our lakes.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede


6/13/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service  

Area fishing is going good, we've been getting a fair share of nice fish.  Crappies were doing good a week ago but now they have finished spawning and moved out of the shallows. Bluegills are in shallow now and bitting very well on just about anything.  We've done well on the walleyes, smallmouth, largemouth, and pike recently.  Jogs and leeches are catching just about everything right now, what a great time to be out on the water!
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede

6/9/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Fishing report for Long Lake as of Thursday June 8th. Lot's of Fish Fry's this week~fishing remains great on Long Lake!   Lake temps continue to climb surface temp is around 68 degrees with deeper water coming in around 60ish!  The Bluegill bite is on!  The gills are hanging out on the weed beds.  Crappie bite has slowed but folks still catching some nice ones here and there. Lot's of nice Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleye are biting just off the edge of the weed beds at about 8-12'. Some nice Perch too!  Fish seem to be liking all types of live bait right now.  We have a full line of Bait~ Waxies, Crawlers, Leaf & Red Worms, Euro Worms, Leeches (panfish, medium, large and jumbo), Crappie Minnows, Fat Heads, Walleye Suckers and Northern Suckers! Beat the heat this weekend by renting a Stand-up Paddle board, Kayak, Canoe or Peddle Boat from us!  Bait Shop Hours are M-Sat 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday's 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Enjoy the Hot Summer Weekend!

6/6/17- Reported by AAA Sports

We have had guests in to fish several days in the past few weeks. Everyone catches fish and goes home with a full tummy and fish to fry for future meals. Spooner Lake continues to be outstanding for pan fish, crappies and the occasion perch. We've heard that walleye are biting on Shell Lake south bay. Leeches and jig head seem to be working well. Water temps are on the rise so fish are moving into beds on most lakes. Everyone has their favorite bait or lure so it's hard to say what works best. Honestly, everyday someone comes in and says "the fish are only biting on this particular thing" and of course several people say the same thing, everyday! It depends on the day, weather, equipment and the bait or lure. The old tried and true: the red and white Daredevil, the Arbogast Jitterbug and the original floating Rapala's are the standard for a lot of fishermen and we're strong in sales on those items. Add a spinner bait, some kind of frog and a plastic of choice on a 1/0 hook and you've got a lot of good fishing lures to work with for the bass and northern. Rick's tried and true for the crappie and pan fish are the lead head jig (1/32, 1/8) and a waxie, of course. Now add a chicken jig or popeye jig to the lures, and maybe top it with a leech. You don't have to spend a ton of money on bait or lures, get the basics!!

5/25/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service  

Fishing has been very good around Washburn County in spite of the cool, wet, windy, weather.  Most of our fishing has been involving crappies and smallmouth bass.  The crappies have been bunching up near spawning shorelines and we are finding them anywhere from right tight to shore at times to about seven feet deep.  On cold mornings we start out deep and work our way in as the day goes on.  Smallmouth bass are active in the shallows too, catch and release fishing  for them is a great time. Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede Guide Service

4/10/17- Reported by AAA Sports   

The summer is off to a great start. Opening weekend the weather was really nice and the anglers were out in droves. The biggest bass for the week was a 5 1/2 lb off of Spooner Lake. Largest crappie was 14 oz. off Lost Lake on a crawler. We do have leeches, but our supplier is not up to full steam yet. Don't forget our monthly fishing contest. $10.00 in store credit for the largest in each species: walleye, bass, northern, crappie, perch, and bluegill.


5/10/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Fishing kicked off to a great start opener weekend!  Current water temps ranging anywhere from 57 degrees up to 62 degrees.  Reports of Really Nice Crappie coming from Mud Lake and in shallower waters in depths of 1' - 4'using mostly Crappie Minnows, some worms, waxies as well as Gulp. Walleye's are biting as well! Had a nice 5 pounder caught off off a dock with Walleye Sucker!   Folks were using pretty much everything for bait ranging from Fat heads, Walleye Suckers, Leeches, Crawler, Rapala's you name it it seemed to work!  Bass were also very active along with a few Northern.  Reports of Bluegill beginning to bite as of yesterday!  Long Lake Bait Shop is now back to Summer hours 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.Monday - Saturday and Sunday's 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Fully stocked with Bait! All sizes of Leeches, Waxies, Crawlers, Worms, Euro Worms, Crappie Minnows, Fat Heads, Walleye Suckers,  & Northern Suckers.

Tom & Kathy Martin
Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

4/10/17- Reported by AAA Sports   

This weekend we had reports of crappies and panfish biting...this is early!! !ater temps are still in the low 50's. Look for the fish in the shallow waters on the north and east side of the lake, where they get the most sun. Here's a to great open water fishing in 2017!


3/10/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

2017 Licenses went on sale March 8th.  They are good through March 31 2018.  Cold temps are keeping the landings usable to get out on the ice.  Typical Spring Ice conditions exist so use caution.  Folks are still pan fishing.  It has been a bit slow, but folks are catching some nice Crappie and Bluegill along with some smaller ones. Also some really nice Perch out there too!  Have had reports of folks fishing shallow around 5-6' as well as some fishing deeper in around 20-24' and having good luck.  We have plenty of Crappie Minnows, Fatheads, Waxies and Spikes in the store.  Open 7 a.m. Tuesday - Saturday, Sunday's 7 a.m. - 3 p.m, Closed on Monday's.  

3/7/2017- Reported by AAA Sports   

Big game season ended on Sunday the 5th. In review of the winter:Our on the ice time was walking on in late November, driving on early January, shacks pulled off in Mid February. The fair to average days outweighed the good to excellent days.  If I was to pick the best fishing,( based on the fish brought in for our monthly contest) I would pick the timeframe of February 1-10. In the time frame we had the largest northern largest bass and largest pumpkinseed brought in.  The pumpkinseed was 1 oz from being a state record. It was 2# 11/2 oz weighed here and at the grocery store.  The next 10 days shows freezing weather every night, so we won't be losing any ice Still  lots of time to get out there and snag a few panfish. Don't forget about the monthly contest. Largest fish of each species get $10.00 in store credit!Bring in your  summer reels for new line!!


2/23/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Ice conditions vary use extreme caution.  This is a pic below is from the narrows landing 2-22-17 at 5:30 p.m. anglers reporting in anywhere from 6" to just over a foot.  Shore lines and bays are beginning to deteriorate.  The snowmobile stakes were removed from the lake on Feb 19th.  Fishing reports coming in are the Bluegill and Crappie are biting! Folks are using waxies and crappie minnows with a few fatheads here and there!  they have been found in depths ranging anywhere from 10' - 24'.  Crappie bite seems to be in the morning or late afternoon to early evening.  Still some nice Perch and a few Northern, Walleye are a bit on the slow side. There is currently a shortage of Sucker minnows and smaller shiners. We still have a medium large mix for the tail end of Game Fishing!  Game Fishing Season will end on Sunday March 5th!  Off Season hours are Tuesday - Saturday 7 a.m. 5 p.m. Sunday's 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Note we will open at noon Tuesday Feb 28th.
2/21/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service  
Warm weather has made getting outside a real joy this past week.  Ice conditions are changing with the unseasonably warm temperatures, as always use caution out there.  We were out on a medium sized lake yesterday and had lots of action from the bluegills.  We caught all different sizes, kept a few to eat and let the rest go.  Small jigs and waxes in about 10 feet of water worked for us  .Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede Guide Service

2/9/2017- Reported by AAA Sports    

Here's what's biting! This past weekend was windy and cold, but if you were persistent, you'd catch fish. The Spooner Lions club contest on Spooner had over 200 people and lots of fish were caught. We sold a record breaking amount of suckers and shiners. Everyday people call and ask how the fish are biting and what are they using, etc. We can only tell them about what HAS been biting and what people are using. Every day is different, with weather patterns being the dominate factor. We'll help you as much as we can, but some days it's just fishing, not catching. Days are getting longer, gaining about 2 minutes a day!!


2/6/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

The bite has slowed a bit for most ice anglers this week. Crappies had been active late in the day, and early evening on lots of Washburn County waters.This week they are bitting less often and lighter overall.  
Walleyes are still being caught on the bigger lakes, just after dark is still your best bet. Tip ups and shinner minnows have worked the best on the Wally's.
Continue to use caution on area lakes as there have been some folks get into trouble here lately.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede

1/26/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Pan fishing is good right now, lots of Bluegills, Crappie (are out there but a bit on the slow side) and some nice perch, mostly found in the 7' - 12' range, but a few reports of 20' as well.  Folks mostly using crappie minnows, Waxies and Spikes, with a few plastics.  Walleye seem to be liking the morning and evening hours using Suckers and Shiners suspended in the 12' - 24' range.  The Northern are finally getting some size to them too, the bigger the bait the better with large Shiners and Suckers!   We are fully stocked with nice fresh bait and other items! Our "Off Season Hours" are: Tuesday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m./ Sunday's 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Closed on Mondays.
With the warmer temps we have lost most all of our snow cover so travel with CAUTION.  Reports from anglers coming in on ice thickness are ranging from 9"- 16" around the lake.  REMEMBER ice isn't always what it seems and ice ridges can develop quickly, causing thin ice. Fluctuations in temperatures can also quickly reduce the thickness of the ice.


 1/24/2017- Reported by AAA Sports    

The wet rainy weather was a challenge over the weekend, but the fish were biting!  If you could stay dry and not slip and slide too much you should have caught fish.  The low pressure had the fish moving.  We had several people in with their limit of panfish and a also a couple nice Bass brought in for the monthly fishing contest.  A 32"  northern has been entered too.  We need the snow and cold to get the lakes back in good walking condition.We've got ice cleats in several styles and sizes. Be SAFE!!

1/20/17- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store
It's Wisconsin DNR FREE Fishing this weekend~January 21 & 22!   Things are picking up after the cold snap!  Ice conditions on Long Lake range from 12" - 16" Remember that the opening leading into the narrow at the north end NEVER REALLY FREEZES do not travel through there by auto, ATV or Snowmobile.  Reports coming in of lots of nice panfish including some Bluegill 9"-10" Crappie 12" - 15" and several nice Perch.  They are sitting at depths of 7-12 feet.  Most folks have been using Waxies, Spikes and Crappie minnows as well as some smaller plastics. Orange/Black  or White colored jigs seem to the ticket.  Walleye right now are sitting in depths around 200-12 feet.  Our Walleye limit on Long Lake is 3 and they must be 18" or larger to keep.  Had reports of some really nice ones being caught either early in the morning or in the evening after dark.  Folks are mostly using suckers or shinners both on tip-ups for jigging (we have both mediums and large sizes in both).  Word is that finally the Big ones are starting to bite on tip-ups with large suker minnows and a some large shiners.  We are fully stocked with nice fresh bait and other items! Our "Off Season Hours" are: Tuesday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m./ Sunday's 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Closed on Mondays 
Happy Fishing!  Thanks~Have a Super Weekend!~
Tom & Kathy Martin
Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store


1/18/2017- Reported by AAA Sports   

There are lots of people out fishing!  What works for one guy, does not always work for another.  This week’s requests have included size 6 rat finke pink head/white body, size 4 GLOW demon red hook/silver body, heavier tip up line, larger shiner minnows, smaller shiner minnows, and colder weather!  There are reports of 15 plus inches of ice on the lakes.  Fisherman are reporting shiners are working better than minnows, spikes for perch, purple/blue jigs with waxies, flirty girty’s seem to be popular, smaller Rapala jigging raps for crappie and larger Rapala jigging raps for Walleye.


1/17/2017 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

Ice fishermen are out in big numbers on Washburn county lakes.  Lots of good reports of panfish action this week, most fish are being caught in 7 to 12 feet of water on small ice jigs and wax worms or spikes. Mornings have been better than later in the day by and large.Walleye fishing has been fair to good on most waters. The evening bite is solid.  Tip ups and shiners or walleye suckers are catching most of the fish, but jigging Rapala's have had their time too.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede


1/13/2017- Reported by AAA Sports  

Lots of fishermen in today. All thinking it will be great weekend after the full moon and January freeze. Don't forget we run a monthly fishing contest: largest northern, walleye, crappie, perch, and bass. Each worth $10 in store credit, and we don't even ask where you caught it. Just bring it in for weight and length!


1/10/17 - Reported by Stone Lake Bait & Tackle

Recent reports have been that there's 12-16 inches of good ice on area lakes. Snowmobile trails have been marked to the best of our knowledge. The fishing has been living up to most angler's expectations with walleyes in 15-20 feet and hitting on medium suckers under a tip up. Northern pike can be found in shallower depths taking large shiners or large suckers. Although there's been several reports of good sized pike being picked up while jigging for panfish with a crappie minnow. Now that's a good time! If you can't find the crappies at your favorite spot try going deeper for them. We were told that crappies were found down at the 30-35 foot range recently ans small spoon type jigs tipped with waxies, fathead heads or crappie minnows are the presentation of choice. Continue to stay alert and aware of ice conditions when you head out. If you have equipment issues or have forgotten something at home we have most ice fishing gear for rent at Stone lake Bait and Tackle to include Vexilar flashers, ION battery powered augers, underwater cameras and more! Give us a call at 715-865-4665 for more info. Good fishing!


1/2/2017- Reported by AAA Sports    

Most of the area lakes have 8+ inches of ice. Safe for ATV's and snowmobiles. Always know where you're fishing and let someone know where you are.The Holiday weekend had lots of ice-fishing action. We had 4 guys from South Carolina in the week before Christmas. Rick took them to several lakes and they caught northern, bass, perch and crappies. Over new years weekend we have 4 guys in who ventured out of 4-5 lakes and were able to catch  some nice fish. With some cold weather coming in the middle of this week, we should see the ice thicken and hopefully get out on the lakes with vehicles. We have suckers minnows, shiners, rosy reds, fathead and crappie minnows as well as spikes and waxies. Just got in a new tiger Eye lure and also just filled up on Rapala jigging raps. Open everyday at 6:00 AM!!


12/21/16 - Reported by Stone Lake Bait & Tackle

Ice conditions in the Stone Lake area continue to improve rapidly. Although fishing seems a little slow right now there has been a decent northern bite with suckers on tip ups working well. Ice thickness will vary depending on currents and water depth. Currently we are getting reports of 3-4 inches on Big Sissabagama, Slim and Big stone and as much as 6-7 inches on Lac Courte Oreilles and Whitefish. There has been very limited ATV and snowmobile traffic on the lakes. I, personally, would give it another week before venturing out too far with your machines. Please use extreme caution at all times on the ice. Don't go alone but if you do let someone know where you plan on fishing. Feel free to call us at Stone lake Bait and Tackle anytime during business hours for ice condition and fishing updates at 715-865-4665. We're open 8-4:30 M-F and 7-4:30 weekends. We have all the bait you need including frozen smelt and herring. We will be open 7-2pm on Christmas Eve and all day Christmas day. Good luck! Be safe and Merry Christmas! 


12/21/16- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Merry Christmas to All!  1st Ice Conditions on Long Lake consist of 2" -8" on the South End and 2"- 5" and spotty on the North End by the Narrows by means of "Foot Traffic"  The North End just fully crusted over last Wednesday. Use EXTREME CAUTION!  Reports of nice Walleye, Crappie and Bluegill being caught all hours of the day!  Folks are using a full array of live bait!  Long Lake Bait Shop hours are Tuesday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday's 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. Closed Mondays.  Open Christmas Eve 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. Open Christmas Day 9 a.m. - Noon.  

12/19/16- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

1st Ice Has arrived on Long Lake! Reports coming in from the South End that it crusted over on Monday December 12th with 1"-5" in some spots. North End just crusted over on Wednesday evening December 14th reports coming in of 1"-3" in some spots. Due to the recent snow fall we now also have water coming up through the ice. Thickness of the ice is exremly inconsistant. There have been a few brave soles out there this weekend catching some really nice Walleyes! EXTREME CAUTION IS RECOMMENDED!!!!

9/9/2016- Reported by AAA Sports    

Winter is here and so is the ice fishing! Only 10 days ago all the lakes were open and now we have reports of over 6" on most area lakes.We have not had any great fishing reports but we should soon. And don't forget out monthly fishing contest. $10.00 store credit for largest fish in each category!

12/15/16 - Reported by Stone Lake Bait & Tackle

Big Siss, Slim and Bass Lake (Springbrook) all have 2-2 1/2 inches of ice. There were a few guys out on these lakes and recommended that you don't venture out too far as of yet. Definitely no 4 wheeler's. It appears that Big Stone is still open. Please stay smart and safe. Check back for further updates.

12/8/16 - Reported by Stone Lake Bait & Tackle

The Stone Lake area lakes are cooperating nicely with the forecast although there's not enough ice to venture out yet in my opinion. The wind we've had has been keeping the waves rolling pretty good. This should change a lot by this time next week. We'll be closed this weekend but we've got fresh bait coming in on Tuesday, 12/13 so hopefully the smaller bays and lakes will be ready to go. With that being said please use extreme caution with early ice or at any time during the winter for that matter. Don't forget your ice picks and be safe! It's just a fish. Good luck!


10/27/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

I've been fishing muskie exclusively here in the month of October.  The bite has been good to very good most days.  One thing that has been working well is dragging live suckers and casting big minnow baits. We are catching more fish deeper rather than shallow this week, seeing lots of bait on the locator is usually an indicator of a great spot. 
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede


9/30/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Water temps are holding around the low 60's on Washburn County lakes this week.  As we move into October look for cooling waters to concentrate fish all the more.  Musky fishing remains strong here, as lots of fish are still up shallow and are catchable. We've had multiple fish days this week.  Topwaters, shallow running crankbaits, and suckers have scored in my boat.  Walleyes have been on the tough side from what I'm hearing.  A pretty slow bite this week overall.  Jigs and minnows or Lindy rigging should start to catch fish as they begin to pile up on rock bars and humps across the county.
Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede

9/22/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Musky fishing around Washburn County has really been picking up this past week, we've been catching lots of nice sized fish across the area.  Muskies are hitting a wide range of baits, topwaters, bucktails, and minnow baits have worked best for us recently.  Most fish are shallow hanging around weeds.  Cover lots of water to locate the most fish in a days time.
I didn't do any walleye fishing this week as the muskies kept me quite busy, but the walleyes should be bitting well on drop off areas and along rock bars and humps.  Try jigs and minnows or lindy rigging for walleye success.
Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede


9/9/2016- Reported by AAA Sports   

The cooler weather is when the true fishing enthusiast get out on the water. The lazy days of summer are over. Fish are moving more as they water temps start to lower. This makes them more of a challenge as they're probably not where you been finding  them all summer. For your bass and Northern: if you're "go to" bait of minnows is not working, throw them a spoon or spinner. The Bass have been really active and hitting on the "frogs" , whether it be a SPRO bronzeye or Boo-yah pad crasher. We also encourage you to try a plastic worm such as the Berkley power worm or Yamamoto Senko. Panfish can be even pickier, Rick continues to use the jig and waxie but has went to a crappie tube or cubby tail  when the catching has been slow. Musky fishermen are getting their orders in for the larger sucker minnows. The bigger bucktails have been selling well.


9/7/16 - Reported by Stone Lake Bait & Tackle

Fishing in the Stone Lake area has been a little slow recently. Most anglers are thinking that it could be due to all the rain and storms as of late. The presentations that seem to get the best results are using a small jig tipped with a crappie minnow or similar looking plastic bait, 4-5 feet under a bobber, along a good weed edge for crappies. Walleye anglers are having some action using a 1/4 to 3/8 ounce jig tipped with either a fathead minnow or medium sucker minnow in 12-14 foot depths. The musky action appeared to be pretty good over the Labor Day weekend with 2, 50 plus inch fish being caught, The bucktail type lures are producing the most action it seems. The smallmouth and largemouth bass are hitting spinner bait and top water frogs if you're fishing in heavy weeds. Leeches appear to be done for the season in our area although there's always the Berkley Gulp leeches that work well for a plan B. If you're in the Stone Lake area please be sure to stop in for all of your live bait and tackle needs. Good fishing to all! Stone Lake Bait and Tackle "It's Catchin' On!"

 9/1/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service
Fishing has been great all across Washburn County this week, walleyes, pike, bass, panfish and Muskies have all been bitting.
Weeds are the place to be if your looking to get bit right now.  A nice early morning jig bite is producing lots of fish in my boat, sun up 'till about 10am has been best. Bucktails and topwaters are catching good sized Muskies right now. Try fishing fast and cover lots of water to contact fish.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede


8/31/16- Reported by Long Lake Bait, Tackle & C-Store

Fishing remains pretty good on Long Lake!  Lots of nice Blue Gills, Perch, Large & Small Mouth Bass, and a few Walleyes.  Crappies are a bit on the slow side right now.  Most all species are sitting just off the weed line at about 10' to 12'.  We are done with leeches for the season.  We have plenty of Crawler, Leaf Worms, Euro Worms, Waxies as well as Crappie Minnows, Fat Heads, Walleye Suckers and Northern Suckers.  We can order in Musky suckers upon request if they are available with our bait dealers. Bait shop hours through September 30th are: Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 pm. and Sunday's 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. ( we begin our "Off Season Hours" October 1). We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!



8/25/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service

Some cooler overnight temperatures have lowered the surface readings on Washburn County lakes from around 80 down Into the mid to lower 70 degree range this week. Fall is just around the corner. Musky action is picking up with nice fish cruising the shallows again. Bucktails and topwaters are catching fish. Walleye anglers are having good fishing right now, jigs and crawlers, lindy rigs, and trolled crankbaits have produced fish this week. Bass fish remains very good too. Lots of largemouths were caught on wacky worms and jig worms in recent days.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede


 8/17/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

Fishing around Washburn County remained good this past week. Muskies are hitting bucktails and topwaters early and late in the day on many waters. Main lake bars with weeds have been the favored spots. Walleye fishing was good this week too.  We had a couple mornings with a little cloud cover and a nice chop on the water which led to a nice walleye bite. We're getting most of our fish in 13 to 18 feet near main lake basin areas.  
Good luck and good fishing,  Jim Stroede 


8/11/16 - Reported by AAA Sports  

If you don't mind the heat then the fish are still out there to catch. More anglers are using crankbaits, spoons, and spinners rather than minnows because the heat makes it difficult to keep the minnows fresh. Leeches are still being used in all sizes. Walleye on Shell lake have been biting, but the size are on the small size. We had a few nice crappies come in from Lipsie over the past weekend using Southern Pro crappie tubes (pumpkin/chartreuse). Trego Lake produced a couple nice northern on spoons. Rick continues to fish Spooner with guests a couple days a week and usually gets the limit. He still uses waxies and a jig head. Looking forward to fall fishing, We have leeches, but not sure for how long. We will be getting in Musky suckers in a couple weeks. Take a kid fishing!


8/10/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

Walleye fishing has been very good out on Long Lake. Nice fish in the 18 to 22 inch size range are feeding in the mornings on deep weed edges. Muskies are kind of spotty lately with a few fish caught on bucktails and topwaters, early and late in the day have been best. Bass are bitting really well on most lakes, frogs and wacky worms are catching the most fish now.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede 

7/27/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

This past week we've been fishing a lot on Long Lake here in Washburn County. The walleyes are bitting on deep weed edges in 14-16 feet. We get bites from a mix of fish out there this time of year, largemouth and smallmouth bass are common along with all the panfish varieties as well. Jigs and leeches have been the go to presentation along with lindy rigging at times working too.
Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede 


7/27/16 - Reported by AAA Sports  

As the summer goes on the angler is turning from live bait to artificial, such as Gulp Alive, Minnows, leeches and crawlers. Yamamota has full line of plastics and we have the hooks from 1/0 to 5/0. Bass are doing better on spinner baits and frogs. We still have leeches form small to large. If theyre not biting, watch the weedlines as the fish are moving under that for cover. Have a great week!


7/20/16 - Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

Heavy down pours of up to ten inches of rain last week has area rivers running wild and area lakes a foot or more high. Lots of docks are underwater, many roads sustained heavy damage or complete wash outs, it's was really something.
Fishing has been good in spite of it all. Largemouth bass are bitting really well all over Washburn County, we've caught lots of nice bluegills recently too.  Pike are real active, and Muskie action is picking up nicely. Walleyes have been tough, try late in the day towards evening.
Good luck and good fishing,Jim Stroede 


7/7/16- Reported by Jim Stroede Guide Service 

Fishing remains good in Washburn County.  This week the bass and pike were keeping anglers plenty busy. Casting spinnerbaits over and around cover has been producing well, also topwaters early and late in the day for bass has been hot. Musky action was fair this week with a few fish coming on bucktails.
Good luck and good fishing, Jim Stroede

7/2/2016- Reported by AAA Sports   

Beautiful day to get out on the area lakes. Spawn is pretty much over and the fish are going deeper. We had 2 couples in this week that nick-named  Rick , the" fishing magician". They caught northern, bass, perch, crappies and sunnies. Mostly on Spooner with the traditional jig and waxie for the panfish and crankbaits for the larger game fish while trolling. Island produced some nice crappies this past week. 2 -8-10 # northern off of Spooner came in and several Bass using Scum frogs and hula-poppers. Catfish off the dam at Trego using "dough bait" in dip tubes 2 nice walleyes off of Big McKenzie using jighead and leeches. Get out and fish!!