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Over 100 miles of ATV/UTV trails linking to an ever-growing Northwest Wisconsin ATV Trail system make Washburn County a premier ATV destination. Multiple loops throughout the county, linking to the Wild Rivers and Tuscobia State Trails, create an ATV experience like no other. Ample ATV parking areas and access to lodging and restaurants make planning an ATV vacation easy. ATV trails open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and stay open through the fall when the snowmobile and winter use trails open. Fall is an especially enjoyable time to explore the area trails and take in the breathtaking fall colors.

Registered UTV's (up to 65 inches wide) are welcome on the Washburn County Trail System anywhere that ATV's are allowed.  For additional information on the UTV Program, registering your UTV, and more, please visit the DNR Page. The Washburn County Forest does allow limited motorized vehicle access on roads and trails within the forest. The forest is split into 31 integrated resource management units; each unit is designated as 'open to motorized travel'; 'open to motorized travel on designated roads and trails'; or 'closed to all motorized travel'.

Washburn County has 49,000 acres of forest open to motorized travel on all established roads and trails; 78,000 acres of forest with roads open to motorized travel on a two-mile density, and 21,000 acres closed to all motorized travel.

Two-wheel motorized travel is prohibited on all areas of the Washburn County Forest. Off-trail travel is prohibited, and all motor vehicle travel is prohibited from April 1 to May 31 of each year to protect the forest during periods of high fire danger.

ATV Scenic Tour

ATV Scenic Tour, Washburn County

Looking for a fun way to explore the trails? Check out the Washburn County ATV Scenic Tour which highlights over 35 points of interest located along the 100+ mile ATV system. The tour highlights waterways, natural points of interest, quirky landmarks and historical sites. Be sure to grab the brochure and the official map to follow along!

ATV Friendly Lodging

ATV Friendly Lodging, Washburn County

Ready to check out the trails? Be sure to book your lodging at one of our ATV-Friendly lodging facilities. Many of our lodging properties offer either direct trail access or are accessible via a legal ATV route. Be sure to check with the lodging property prior to booking to ensure that you'll have access to the trails from their facility.

Rent an ATV/UTV or Find a Dealer

ATV & UTV Rentals, Washburn County

If you are looking to hit the trails and need a rental for a day, weekend, or a week, there are ATV Rentals available to help you get out there and have a good time. 

Check out the rental options:
Petit's Auto & Performance (Minong)

ATV & UTV dealers:

Let us know what you think of our trails!

If you've recently been out on the trail, please consider taking our ATV Visitor Survey and let us know what you loved and what else we can work on to make ATVing in Washburn County an even better experience. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.


ATV Trail Maps:

Request your FREE ATV Trail Map

  • Tuscobia Trail Map
    The Tuscobia Trail is a 74 mile trail that follows an abandoned railroad grade. The trail is open to ATV use beginning three miles west of Birchwood and extending all the way to Park Falls.

Request Your ATV Packet

Washburn County offers a great ATV Packet to plan your trip to our area. The packet includes a visitor guide, trail map, atv scenic tour brochure and a list of ATV-friendly lodging properties. Order yours today!


ATV Clubs:

The area ATV clubs work extremely hard on our trail systems. These volunteers put in hundreds of hours maintaining the trail systems to keep them in great shape for all of our visitors and residents. If you come across them while out on the trail, please be courteous as the grooming equipment does not move quickly; wait until there is a safe opportunity to go around the groomer.

Our ATV clubs are always looking for new members who share their enthusiasm for the sport of ATVing. If you are interested in joining one of the area clubs, offering some time to help with the trails, would like to attend one of their fun events, or just want to say thanks for their hard work, please contact them below: 

Events   Trail Conditions   WashCo Compass Blog   Request Information


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