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Over 100 miles of ATV trails linking to an ever-growing Northwest Wisconsin ATV Trail system make Washburn County a premier ATV destination. Multiple loops throughout the county, linking to the Wild Rivers and Tuscobia State Trails, create an ATV experience like no other. Ample ATV parking areas and access to lodging and restaurants make planning an ATV vacation easy. ATV trails open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and stay open through the fall when the snowmobile and winter use trails open. Fall is an especially enjoyable time to explore the area trails and take in the breathtaking fall colors.

The Washburn County Forest does allow limited motorized vehicle access on roads and trails within the forest. The forest is split into 31 integrated resource management units; each unit is designated as 'open to motorized travel'; 'open to motorized travel on designated roads and trails'; or 'closed to all motorized travel'.

Washburn County has 49,000 acres of forest open to motorized travel on all established roads and trails; 78,000 acres of forest with roads open to motorized travel on a two-mile density, and 21,000 acres closed to all motorized travel.

Two-wheel motorized travel is prohibited on all areas of the Washburn County Forest. Off-trail travel is prohibited, and all motor vehicle travel is prohibited from April 1 to May 31 of each year to protect the forest during periods of high fire danger.

View the "Discover Wisconsin" Episode Featuring Washburn County's ATV Trails

ATV Scenic Tour:

Washburn County has a fun new way to explore the area ATV trails. The Washburn County ATV Scenic Tour is now available for ATV enthusiasts to learn about over 35 points of interest located along the 100+ mile ATV system. If you have ever been riding on a trail and wondered what river you were passing by or what the giant fish along the trail represented, you’re in luck! The new tour highlights waterways, natural points of interest, quirky landmarks and historical sites such as an old homestead where remnants of the original buildings still stand.

For more information on the ATV Scenic Tour, click here.

To request your FREE copies of the ATV Scenic Tour brochure and ATV Trail Map, click here.

ATV Trail Maps:

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  • Tuscobia Trail  (PDF)
    The Tuscobia Trail is a 74 mile trail that follows an abandoned railroad grade. The trail is open to ATV use beginning three miles west of Birchwood and extending all the way to Park Falls.
  • Wild Rivers Trail  (PDF)
    The Wild Rivers Trail is a 96 mile trail that follows an abandoned railroad grade. The trail is currently open between Rice Lake and Solon Springs. The trail crosses Washburn County for 40 miles.  For more information on the Wild Rivers Trail, click here.

Trail Conditions:

  • Visit the Trail Conditions area for up-to-date information on recreational trails or call 1-800-367-3306 to hear trail conditions 24/7.

ATV-Friendly Lodging:

  • Washburn County offers a variety of lodging options with trail access. For a complete list, click here

ATV/UTV Rentals:

If you are looking to hit the trails and need an ATV for a day, weekend, or a week, there are ATV Rentals available to help you get out there and have a good time.  Check out the following ATV Rental business:

Hayward Power Sports, Hayward: 715-462-3674

Runamuk Rides, Hayward/Cable: 888-851-5658

There are also many great ATV & UTV dealers in the area if you are looking for a more permanent solution.  Click here for a list of ATV Rentals/Dealers.

Let us know what you think of our ATV Trails:

We are looking for feedback on our trail system. Whether you love our trails or have some recommendations, we want to know what you think. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete and your input is very valuable to us. To complete the survey, visit: 



UTV's (Utility Terrain Vehicles):

Registered UTV's (up to 65 inches wide) are welcome on the Washburn County Trail System anywhere that ATV's are allowed.  For additional information on the UTV Program, registering your UTV, and more, please visit the DNR Page.


The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Registration Application MUST BE VALIDATED prior to operation of the machine.

  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Registration Application Form 9400-376
  • To submit an application, the following locations are validation stations in Washburn County.

    Minong Ranger Station
    Hwy 77E, Minong WI 54859
    (715) 466.2022 [call ahead]

    DNR Northern Region Headquarters
    810 W Maple St, Hwy 70 West
    Spooner WI 54801
    (715) 635.2101
    (715) 635.4105 fax
    (715) 635.4001 tdd

Out of State ATV Trail Pass:

Wisconsin law requires those who use Wisconsin ATV trails to display either Wisconsin registration or an ATV trail pass. Funds from this program will be designated for use as trail aids and related costs to enhance all Wisconsin ATV recreation. The trail pass may be purchased online at the Wisconsin DNR website: or over the counter at any Washburn County license sales location.

  • The DNR offers the non-resident ATV trail pass as a 5-day or an annual pass.
  • An ATV trail pass is required to operate an ATV.
  • The trail pass must be permanently affixed by its own adhesive in a highly visible location on the forward half of the ATV.
  • Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another ATV.

When used safely and wisely, an all terrain vehicle (ATV) can be a great source of fun and family recreation, can be a useful work tool, and can be an excellent way to explore the outdoors. When used by an untrained, inexperienced operator, an all-terrain vehicle can be very, very dangerous. It is the responsibility of all ATV operators to make the sport a safe one. Take an ATV Safety Course.


ATV Clubs:

The area ATV clubs work extremely hard on our trail systems. These volunteers put in hundreds of hours maintaining the trail systems to keep them in great shape for all of our visitors and residents. If you come across them while out on the trail, please be courteous as the grooming equipment does not move quickly; wait until there is a safe opportunity to go around the groomer.

Our ATV clubs are always looking for new members who share their enthusiasm for the sport of ATVing. If you are interested in joining one of the area clubs, offering some time to help with the trails, would like to attend one of their fun events, or just want to say thanks for their hard work, please contact them below: 

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