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Hidden Gems: Long Lake Area

It seems as though Northwest Wisconsin is full of hidden gems. Our next stop on our hidden gems tour offers so many hidden gems, but truly, it’s the lake itself that’s the biggest hidden gem. We’re talking about none other than Long Lake. Some of you may have known about Long Lake for years, while…

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Hidden Gems: Minong, WI

For the second article in our “Hidden Gems” series, we head to the northern part of Washburn County. Nestled among mighty pines and pristine lakes, the Minong area offers some remarkable spots that you may not have checked out yet. From some amazing spots to take a dip in the water to one of the…

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Fishing in WashCo

It’s that time of the year again…fishing is opening for the season! Around here, we could say it almost feels like a holiday. With nearly 1,000 lakes (964 to be exact), Washburn County offers a fisherman’s paradise. So as you’re gearing up for your time on the water let us give you a few tips…

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