Where can I find cranberries? That is one of the top questions we hear at the visitor center this time of year - and it’s a great question! Our beloved Stone Lake Cranberry Festival is a top spot for cranberry enthusiasts so you don’t have to miss out on picking up Wisconsin’s State Fruit, the red, deliciously tart cranberry. If you aren't here for festival day though, there are other options to get your hands on this delicious fruit.

First, let’s test your knowledge of cranberries! Did you know that cranberries do not grow in the water? Some people are really surprised to learn that fact! Cranberries grow in sandy soil conditions, similar to other berry varieties. The berries are typically harvested by flooding the “field”, usually called a marsh in our area. The ripe berries float to the surface where harvesters push them onto conveyors and load them up in trucks to be sorted. Check out this video of the harvest:

Did you know that cranberries are actually a vine fruit? The cranberry plant is a low-lying vine. 

Here are some other fun facts from the Wisconsin Cranberry Grower’s Association:

- A fresh cranberry will bounce when dropped.
- Cranberries aren't always red. The berries start out white and as they ripen, they turn to their well known deep red.
- Almost ¾ of the world’s cranberries come from the US and 62% of the US crop comes from Wisconsin.
- Cranberries are super healthy! Among the highest in antioxidants, cranberries are great for maintaining a healthy immune system as well as preventing other diseases.

So, where can you find some berries this year? Check out the following:

- TK Farms: Located roughly 7 miles Northwest of Spooner on Dock Lake Road (Approximately one mile west of County Highway A). Berries will be able to be purchased on site beginning on October 8th. 

- WD Zawistowski Cranberries: Located just east of Stone Lake (Victory Heights Circle, Stone Lake). Open daily through October 12th. Cranberries and craisins are available for purchase on site. (715) 865-6444

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