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Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin was born and raised in Washburn County and grew up exploring the area with her family. This avid snowmobiler, kayaker, and outdoor adventurer raises her two kiddos with her husband on a corner of his family’s farm.

Hidden Gems: Spooner, WI

Washburn County’s largest community, Spooner, boasts a population of just over 2,500. This charming small town is the next feature in our hidden gems series. From top-notch dining to one of the best downtowns in Northwest Wisconsin, a trip to Spooner will not disappoint! Spend Some Time Downtown A…

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Hidden Gems: Birchwood, WI

Whether it’s the best place to grab breakfast or a peaceful spot to take in the gorgeous views, there’s one thing we know for sure, our visitors (and locals!) know some of the best ways to explore our beautiful area so we took your comments to help us to create this great ‘go to’ guide. First up in…

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Cranberries - A Tasty Flavor of Fall

Where can I find cranberries? That is one of the top questions we hear at the visitor center this time of year - and it’s a great question! Our beloved Stone Lake Cranberry Festival is a top spot for cranberry enthusiasts so you don’t have to miss out on picking up Wisconsin’s State Fruit, the red…

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Taste & Treasure in Washburn County

Let’s be honest here. We all pretty much love the vivid colors that fall brings to our landscape. It’s gorgeous. But, if we’re REALLY being honest, it’s the tastes and treasures I find along my fall color path that truly make the memories for me! There’s nothing like watching a hard working…

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Scenic Routes for Fall Color Viewing

Roll down the windows, let the breeze blow through your hair and take in the crisp fall air! A drive through the northwoods of Washburn County will leave you absolutely in awe during the fall season. As the forests seem to be on fire with yellow, orange and red leaves, you’ll want to have a camera…

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Must Visit Galleries

The vibrant fall landscape with its brilliant pops of yellow, orange and red is enough to remind you of a watercolor painting. If you love the scenery, you’re going to love the art galleries in our area even more! Here are some of my favorite stops: Brickyard Pottery - A picturesque old schoolhouse…

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Made in WashCo: Crystal Creek

Sometimes the things that we make are tangible. You can hold them in your hands and feel their texture. Sometimes the things that we make go a little deeper. They make a little more impact. Animal nutrition is one of those things. We recently had a chance to sit down with the owner of Crystal Creek…

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Explore Local: Youth Scavenger Hunt

It’s so fun to be a kid in Washburn County! Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, snapping selfies at the Giant Bluegill or taking a hike on the Totogatic Trail, there are tons of great ways to explore. There’s even more incentive to get out and explore the area if you grab a copy of the Youth…

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Explore Local: Last Minute Shopping Ideas

Did you just realize that we’re two weeks away from Christmas?! Yeah, same here! If you’re anything like me, you’ve started out strong in your Christmas shopping, but didn’t get all of it done quite yet. I’ve been seeing some really great posts on social media from some of our local shops and found…

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