Roll down the windows, let the breeze blow through your hair and take in the crisp fall air! A drive through the northwoods of Washburn County will leave you absolutely in awe during the fall season. As the forests seem to be on fire with yellow, orange and red leaves, you’ll want to have a camera handy to capture all of the beauty surrounding you. 

Not sure where to go? Pick up the Washburn County Highway Map, along with the Scenic Routes of Washburn County brochure and pick a direction! If you aren’t sure where to start, check in with one of the friendly tourism “gals” who are always glad to tell you which direction they’ve driven recently and found amazing color. Trust me, most of our team does a lot of driving on the back roads this time of year. Fall is our favorite season in this office and it’s no wonder why! 

There are some “must see” stops while you’re venturing around. If you’re looking to find some really cool art stops along the way, head out on the “Shell Lake Area Tour” or “West Spooner Loop.” Both communities offer some really amazing galleries to explore. Looking for some water views? You will want to head up and do the “Namekagon River Area” loop where you’ll find some overlooks for the Namekagon River: Wisconsin’s Moving National Park or the “Long Lake Loop/Birchwood View” loops. Both are going to have stunning views of Washburn County’s lakes and rivers. If you want to avoid traffic, head up to the “NW Minong Lakes” or “The Chittamo Circle” loops. This quiet part of the county is usually the first to turn color and offers breathtaking views of the vast forests in our area. 

To view our fall color report and find all of the tastes and treasures of Washburn County this fall, visit our Fall Color Page