The vibrant fall landscape with its brilliant pops of yellow, orange and red is enough to remind you of a watercolor painting. If you love the scenery, you’re going to love the art galleries in our area even more! Here are some of my favorite stops:

  1. Brickyard Pottery - A picturesque old schoolhouse is the home of one of Washburn County’s premier galleries. Owned by a young potter and painter named Virginia Streitz and her husband Jason, a local musician, this gallery is a must-visit when gallery hopping through Washburn County. Incredible works of many talented artists fill the gallery including pottery, paintings, jewelry, stained glass, woodwork and much more.
  2. The Potter’s Shed - As soon as you drive up to this incredibly unique gallery, you’ll know you’ve found a new favorite. The inside of The Potter’s Shed is even more incredible than their outdoor decor. With over 100 artists represented, this gallery offers a wide variety of art and is the perfect spot to stock up on presents for your loved ones. Of special interest, is the Spooner Creek line of pottery which was where The Potter’s Shed got it start. You can read more about that in our Behind the Scenes: The Potter’s Shed blog
  3. Just a short drive north and you will find one of the best “art scenes” in Northwest Wisconsin. Walnut Street in Spooner is teeming with artists and their incredible works of art. One of my favorite spots for pottery is Gypsy & the Frog Gallery. The stunning works on display are that of the owners Rich Meaux and Mary Kay Latzka. Don’t miss this unique gallery where you’re sure to find a piece (or several!) that you just can’t walk away from. 
  4. Just down the street, you’ll find Purple Pelican Gallery. With a delightful array of art, you’ll be sure to notice the incredible paintings done by none other than the gallery owner, Esa Everroad. Before you leave, be sure to look up because even their ceiling is a work of art! 
  5. Just across from Purple Pelican, you’ll find Sather Jewelry. Once you walk through the door, maybe even before you do, you’ll feel the authentic small town charm of this incredible business which has been in existence since 1910. Take note of the rich Brazilian walnut floor, ornate tin ceiling, crystal chandeliers and the store’s original National Brass cash register. It’s the perfect place to find a custom piece that is perfect for your loved one...or yourself!
  6. Another great stop, just down the street from Sather, is Arts in Hand Gallery. This gallery offers a wide variety of artwork from artists in the 13 counties in Northwest Wisconsin. Whether you’re looking for fiber, woodwork, fine paintings, or anything in between, you’ll find it at this fun stop!
  7. So, you’ve hit up all of these and are still looking for more treasures? Okay, I’ll just throw in a few more that are worth a wander. Northwind Book & Fiber and Cobblestone Custom Framing are a couple of other stops that anyone appreciating art will definitely find worth some browsing time.

I hope you have a great time wandering through all of the amazing galleries in our area and more importantly, meeting the great artists behind the work! For more information on galleries in our area, visit our Arts page.