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Hidden Gems: Long Lake Area

It seems as though Northwest Wisconsin is full of hidden gems. Our next stop on our hidden gems tour offers so many hidden gems, but truly, it’s the lake itself that’s the biggest hidden gem. We’re talking about none other than Long Lake. Some of you may have known about Long Lake for years, while…

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Hidden Gems: Shell Lake, WI

With a 2,600 acre lake located downtown, some would say the entire community of Shell Lake is a hidden gem. If you’ve visited before, you can likely confirm that to be true. There have been many additions to the Shell Lake community over the past several years making spending a day, weekend or even…

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Behind the Scenes - The Potter's Shed

From a small clay studio set up in a church to The Potter’s Shed that we know and love today, there’s an incredible story behind the music, art, gorgeous garden, and even the fairy doors that make up this well known attraction. Affectionately referred to by their local patrons as simply “The Shed”…

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