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A Thousand Lakes of Fun: Washburn County

Nearly 1,000 sparkling lakes, good old-fashioned resorts and Friday Night Fish Fries, Washburn County is the ideal destination to plan your summer getaway. Washburn County is located in Northwest Wisconsin, directly between Eau Claire and Duluth/Superior. You could say that Washburn County is a…

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Winter Outdoor Recreational Rentals

The possibilities of fun are endless during the Winters in Washburn County. Whether you are seeking a quick overnight stay in a hotel or a cozy cabin weekend getaway you are sure to find options for renting Snowmobiles, Cross Country Skis, Snowshoes, or Ice fishing gear that are right for you. There…

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Fishing in WashCo

It’s that time of the year again…fishing is opening for the season! Around here, we could say it almost feels like a holiday. With nearly 1,000 lakes (964 to be exact), Washburn County offers a fisherman’s paradise. So as you’re gearing up for your time on the water let us give you a few tips…

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